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May 09, 2015
Today is here in the U.S. A.!Being a mother is something I dreamed of from the time I was quite young! So it was a wonderful blessing when my dreams came true!Yet without the gift of my children those dreams would still be dreams! Today I gave this gift to my children to express to them the blessing they are to me! I thought I would share it here at WA! Because I thought maybe this would share someone else's thoughts and heart as it expresses my heart and thoughts! Ma
May 08, 2015
And RememberHave a Blessed day and Weekend!
May 04, 2015
I Am Very Proud Of My Son!It would take a very long time to explain the miracles behind this picture!My son has worked very hard for his degree while he works as an Avionic Technician in the Air Force Reserves!This was a great accomplishment for him and an incredible Blessing for me to have been able to share this day with him! Blessings to you all!
April 25, 2015
When I was yet a child this was one one of my favorite songs! I used to sing it in the shower! It is still one of my favorite songs! And it has been a dear friend to me when I have been in the midst of the warfare and the storms of life! One thing I am is a dreamer! Despite the lack of Love that was in the circumstances of my life I knew the truth of Love! I knew the source of Love! I knew I had that Love within! That Love that always gave me the strength and the patience and the passio
April 24, 2015
I Am Preparing For A Trip! My Son Is Graduating From College! So this weekend will be filled with excitement as I scurry around getting the things prepared for our trip next week! Hope you have a Blessed weekend!
April 21, 2015
Sometimes it is hard for some of us to just relax and flow with who we are! I think I have mentioned before that there was a time when I finally came to understand how my mind learns. That was a great blessing to me because it helped me to heal from the very critical words that I had grown up with. But sometimes it can still be a bit frustrating. I will prepare to write a page or a post and then the starts! My mind needs to examine and understand each piece of the puzzle before it will even
April 15, 2015
Before the car accident I had precious little time for the internet because of the circumstances of my life! Since joining WA it has been a wonderful adventure of learning so many things about the computer, the internet and online marketing! I was definitely not prepared for what happened today! Today as I was researching some information online I accidentally came upon some information personal to me that took me back to the most painful time in my life! It was as if an old wound had been ripp
April 13, 2015
And We Are Off To Another Great Week! :)
April 11, 2015
A New Page (, A New Post (, Some cleaning up of my site, most of my research for my next page done, unless I change my idea, lol, A notebook of WA information semi organized! It has been a productive week! Now it is time for a I wish you all a Happy and a Wonderful Weekend! A Rainbow Weekend in which you can see the promise of His Love! Blessings
I think all of us know what it is like to face "The Dark Nights of Life" I know I certainly do! Yet it is in the midst of the darkness that it is important to remember that the battlefield is the mind! And instead of focusing on the darkness look to the Light of the Dawn of a New Day and a New Beginning! Then the healing of life begins from the inside out! The Spirit, the Soul and the Body! As we work hard to accomplish our goals here at WA, remember to take time to nurture your Spirit, Soul a