Siterubix - Why would anyone NOT choose to use it?

Last Update: March 28, 2016

I was giving some feedback to another member the other day, as requested, and I noticed that on the post they were recommending GoDaddy. I did point out that it would be better to recommend Siterubix but I didn't get a reply.

I really cannot understand why anyone would choose not to use it. I had a site with Hostgator for a while, but I found it very complicated to use (as a complete beginner) and I did not find the Support either very accessible or very supportive. Plus the fact that different passwords were required for billing, and for the cPanel which was a minefield! And I was paying $14 a month for the hosting for that!

Siterubix is so easy and uncomplicated, with no mysterious passwords and cPanel! And the hosting is included with our Premium membership. If you need support, they will do everything they can to help you, and you don't have to wait up to 4 days for a reply! Without doubt it is the best hosting there is.

I probably don't need to go on, because you all know how great it is, but to choose any other hosting rather than Siterubix seems completely crazy to me, apart from seeming rather ungrateful!

Anyway, I've got that off my chest now!! And I'd like to say a big thank you to Siterubix, always the first choice in my book!!

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halinphilly Premium
I have sites on both SiterRubix, Weebly AND HostGator, too. I agree with you. I have been contemplating moving my HostGator sites over here when renewal time comes around, although I haven't had any bad experience with HostGator, I simply don't need the extra expense.

However, one reason I might consider keeping the HostGator and Weebly accounts active (beside not wanting to bother with all the moving things around), is if I decide to do a comparison review page. I could get affiliate accounts for all three; then, describe the pros and cons of all three platforms and this way, no matter which choice my visitors make, I could earn a commission.

For example, if an offline business owner has no interest in affiliate marketing and just wants a simple HTML based website. Or a very easy-to-manage Weebly site, then WA might not be the best choice for him or her. So it would behoove me to offer pros and cons of the alternatives. These commissions are residual, by the way, which means I would be paid monthly as long as my referral kept their web hosting.
Chrissies Premium
Mmm, interesting!! But I still prefer siterubix - so much easier!
bill808 Premium Plus
So far as I am concerned GoDaddy is the worst possible hosting service. The only reason not to use siterubix is if a client needs to be able to access cPanel.
Chrissies Premium
I quite agree Bill, I did not have a good experience with Hostgator either!
Chrissies Premium
Exactly Jan :)
JMaston Premium
I haven't used SiteRubix yet as I'm fairly new but I do agree that it would be the right place to host a website if for no other reason than it is included in our Premium membership. Jan