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Last Update: March 31, 2017

To this point in my life I have tried a lot of different ideas, worked really hard and trying to find a second source of income and push myself and my family past that pay check to pay check nightmare. As most of us here I was met with nothing but scams, nonsense and a waste of time. This is definitely not my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. I find the process to be extremely rewarding and feels so great to be building up my niche website as I go through the training. Such a smart avenue for these guys that created this community to lay this out.

I have been in law enforcement for 20 years and I am dedicating my time to creating a web page specific to women safety, product reviews, blog posts and helpful hints and tips to keep themselves and their families safe.

I've only been here for about two weeks and have been following the lesson to a "T"

One of the most rewarding things to this point, aside from seeing content get posted to my page is the fact that somehow my actual web page has found an unsolicited follower. Unless of course, this is another interesting side assignment from WA.

Either way I am happy here and am anxious daily to continue progress and working toward financial freedom with my own ideas, hard work and dedication. I also, in all honesty so looking forward to becoming an active and helping member of the WA community.

Check out my page:

and add me on google+

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SijitThomas Premium
Hey your website says server can't be found!
raybrannum Premium
I visited your site and found it to be very well prepared and easy to navigate. If you keep up the training here you will be a great success. You have a beautiful family, those boys brought a smile to my old face.

I do Facebook at Ray Brannum Guntersville, AL please consider befriending me.

Take a look at my personal site which links to my other sites.

Along those lines, I recommend you go slow on creating a lot of web sites. In my case I have found I do not do justice to the 5 sites that I maintain. I would be better off with one or two sites which I could service well.
xanfo Premium
Great work. All the best
AGOgden Premium
Welcome aboard...