Questions by Chrislk 7

Promoting products from multiple vendors on one site?
Hello! I was wondering if it's considered "bad form" to promote products…
4 years ago 4 Replies
Anti-spam bee or si captcha anti-spam?
Hello!I have both of these plug-ins installed. Do I need both, or can…
5 years ago 5 Replies
Anti-spam bee: legit looking comments getting blocked?
Hello!I was clearing out my spam folder and I noticed some comments which…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Jaaxy: will I get a pro-rated price?
I have a Pro subscription to Jaaxy which is running at $19/mo, and I want…
5 years ago 4 Replies
Why is the qsr in jaaxy and the wa tool not matching up.?
...with a manual QSR in Google, Bing, or Yahoo? I typed in a keyword with…
6 years ago 12 Replies
Will it be okay if I submit my website to bing?
If I submit my website to Bing to get my site to show up quicker, will…
6 years ago 4 Replies
Posting your website in facebook groups?
Hey everyone,I've joined a couple of "Work From Home" groups on Facebook…
6 years ago 11 Replies