Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: May 13, 2018

After years of being online and doing affiliate marketing and setting up local businesses websites, I Joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I had spent years bouncing from one hosting provider to another. Sometimes I was going with price and sometimes with features. One thing I discovered is if you go cheap your site won't be up and running well.

Kind of like this poor sap who had a post I tried to read before joining Wealthy Affiliate hence maybe he should rethink his choice. LOL

Not very smart and I even attached a screenshot of looking for his hosting provider. Going cheap he is losing traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate provides so much:
  • Dependable Amazon Hosting
  • Speedy Hosting
  • Secure Hosting
  • Inexpensive Hosting
  • The community of other business builders
  • Lessons

After years of looking, I have landed and see no reason to search for another provider. The great thing is if I wanted to leave Wealthy Affiliate I can as my sites are built on WordPress which allows me to search out other providers easily.
Most other website builders out there force you on their platform and once on it your stuck. You can't take your site with you.

If you have landed on this page looking for a dependable hosting provider, you have found it. Start building your business today and start generating content.

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FlorencioQ Premium
Perfect example of cheaper isn't always better, especially if your trying to build a business. Thanks for the reminder Chris.
ChrisLJones Premium
I am amazed at the number of people looking for cheap hosting. Thanks for stopping in.
Raul5 Premium
Awesome post Chris, seems like I finally found someone to learn of and feel supported .

ChrisLJones Premium
If you need me to ever look at or comment on anything let me know I think the community part of WA is what makes this the most bang for your buck web hosting system out there.
Mlindstrom51 Premium
Very well said! I agree 100%!
ChrisLJones Premium
Thanks Michael - I noticed we hadn't meet yet - Followed you and looking forward to working with you here at Wealthy Affiliate.
DanielStone Premium
Nice post Chris, this is good tip for newbies like me.
is good to have great information from experienced people to avoid the same problems or costly errors.
thank you !
Daniel Stone
ChrisLJones Premium
Your welcome Daniel - Yep I have chased what I thought was shinny objects in the past - Wealthy Affiliate has it all web hosting - education by Kyle is great if not the best and a strong community.
HowardJaros Premium
Yes, Chris. Agreed!
ChrisLJones Premium
Thanks, Howard!