How to add links to your Wealthy Affiliate website profile

Last Update: May 12, 2018

What is a link? A link can be text, picture, button or any other clickable part of a web page that will lead you to another page on the same site or another entirely new site.

Search engines such as Google measures a website's authority by analyzing the links linking to the site from other websites.

The resulting “link authority” is a compicated calculation of the number and quality of links to a website.

A links value is based on several factors including but not limited to:

  • Age of linking domain
  • Content quality of linking and linked domain
  • Do both sites talk about the same subject (relevant niches)
  • Does linking site have a bunch of other outgoing links? (This looks Spammy)
  • Is the link a contextual link? Meaning is it part of a paragraph? For instance here is one link to my Wealthy Affiliate Profile - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories by having text around the link it is considered a contextual link. A link like is not contextual.
How to add your social and website links to your Wealthy Affiliate Profile

In this post, we will be going over how to add links to your Profile, and it is real simple. Linking is one of the most critical aspects of building a successful online business. Without links, you won't have much success nor will anyone be able to find your story.

On my Wealthy Affiliate profile you can see that I have added my links to help set up a successful profile. Those links will lead people away from WA (Wealthy Affiliate) to where they can learn more about me and read my story.

You want to click on the Edit Links to the right of the Follow Me on or the Edit the Links box on the bottom of the follow me.

Step Two to sharing your links to Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Here is where to add the links to your social profiles and websites. These links are a great way to help each of us secede and have a blockbuster affiliate program. Helping each other with triumphs and spreading the prosperity around.

Make sure not to forget to save in the lower right corner.

Now go back checkout your profile and make sure to hit refresh to make sure it took.

Linking is an integral part of a Wealthy Affiliates success. Ranking in search engines is the only way to get free traffic to have a favorable outcome for your affiliate program.

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