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May 17, 2015
While we are creating content on our website, we frequently lose sight of what exactly is the point of our activity.The point, of everything we do, is the SERP, the Search Engine Results Page.The SERP is ... THE ONE AND ONLY connection we get to make between us and the searcher.There are only 3 items on a SERP entry. We need to maximise the impact and value of each and every one of them. Whether it's an SEO hit or a PPC ad, the structure and function is identical.Let's take a closer look at each
Following my previous post on PPC Quality Score, here is an excellent illustration of the paradoxes involved.In the "Before" shot, you can see the keyword "My Own Website" has a Quality Score of 3/10.In the "After" shot that very same keyword has a Quality Score of 6/10.How did that happen? I moved it to an Ad Group of exactly the same name as the keyword. That's it. Nothing more.But look deeper. The "Before" had 85 clicks from 39,023 impressions, giving a CTR of 0.22%. The "After" has ZERO cli
May 15, 2015
Finally got my Landing Page the way I want it. It's yours to tear apart at will. Every comment will be valuable to me. you want to go mad, trawl the rest of the site. Some of it is still in draft, but I guess that will always be true.
Every keyword in a PPC campaign is given a "Keyword Quality Score". But it's meaningless. A keyword is a keyword is a keyword. It has no "quality", therefore no possible quality "score".What Is A "Keyword Quality Score"When you right-click on your Quality Score it claims to have been measured on the basis of 3 items.Ad Relevance: But a keyword is not attached to an Ad. It is attached to an Ad GroupLanding Page. But a keyword has no Landing Page. Only the Ad has a Landing Page. You can have sev
May 11, 2015
I recently stumbled across a very pretty WealthyAffiliate signup page by who kindly pointed me at one of Kyle's blogs explaining how to do this ....'s magic. I love it. Read how to do yours here ...
"Niche", as a word, gives people a headache. Like so many computer and internet terms it's arcane and obtuse. Yes, I know it's not "computer and internet terminology", it comes from good old fashioned marketing speak. Marketers talk about "market segment" and "market niche" etc. But every industry has its own "in" phrases. A kind of "shorthand". It serves two purposes. Makes "in house chat" rapid and concise. Makes outsiders look stupid.Personally I prefer the term "audience". Everyone understan
May 09, 2015
There's a saying "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs".You'll find dozens of quotes about Google and its mission to deliver "quality content". And thousands of site owners and PPC advertisers strive daily to meet Google's stringent demands.My view is the opposite, as it so often is.Rather than highlight good quality, Google identifies poor quality. And cuts it off at the knees. The famous "Google slap" is an excellent case in point. Tens of thousands of websites died overnight as a
All business, whether online or offline, consists of only 3 things Someone who wants a "solution" - a product or a serviceSomeone who has the solution - a product or a serviceThe mechanism that connects the one to the otherThat final item falls into the category called "traffic". No traffic = no customers and no business.Traffic is what I do. Let's talk.
Called "The Dan Sullivan Question" it goes like this:-“If we were having this discussion 3 years from today, and you were looking back over those 3 years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”Take your time answering this, you’ll find yourself tweaking and changing your answer every few days. It took me nearly a year of re-writing before I was happy with it.