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June 08, 2015
The following is a post I received today from an acclaimed "Laptop Lifestyle Coach" (not a WA member) ==================================================================="Need To Make Money Online? 7 years ago I was struggling to juggle about 12 Online Businesses (opportunities) thinking that 'More Is Better' as far Income Streams were concerned. The issue?...I wasn't actually earning ANYTHING from ANY of them.... I was just 'going about promoting stuff that I thought was worth it. Turns out, mo
26 comments"If you could only choose one metric to look at, Bounce Rate might be your best choice" or so says Google's Avinash Kaushik, summing up the user perspective as "I came, I puked, I left", leaving you wondering "Where is all this crappy traffic coming from? "DUFF INFORMATIONBut this is a mega oversimplification, and seriously misleading. The numbers come from Google Analytics, and is NOT taken into account during Google's ranking of the site.Google has other metrics s
June 03, 2015
At last, I finally feel that I am getting somewhere.Since I upgraded to Premium a month ago I've been buried up to my ears unraveling the chaos I'd generated over the previous 8 or 9 months following everyone except WA.Not many of you know that I joined WA over a year ago but threw my toys out of the pram because of that nagging "7-day upgrade" deadline. I abandoned WA and went off down countless other avenues, spending in excess of $3,000 on various "guaranteed income" schemes that turned out t
For those who need a process to follow (like I do), here is the way I use my keyword research to create my posts and pages. It uses the " All In One SEO" plugin, but is probably possible with alternatives.Follow the blue boxes, starting at the top. The yellow boxes show typical results of the actions. I actually have little pieces of yellow paper giving these "summaries" of my actual pages.1: Be sure you know - in general terms - what your site is about. Be sure you know - in general terms - wha
May 26, 2015
Big Mistake A mistake I see made all too often here on WA is failing to make profitable use of a negative review. Think Like A Customer When I'm researching a potential purchase I will hunt down negative reviews. On Amazon I frequently click on the "1 star" rating to see WHY they gave it one star. Most of the time the reason is stupid.What happens when I see that? I have inadvertently moved to the "decision" stage of the buying cycle (see s
May 25, 2015
I'm repeating someone else's blog post here because IT IS BRILL! here's the original
May 20, 2015
How do you make money online? The same way as you do offline.You get customers. Simple!To get customers you just need to answer the question “How do people become customers?”The Buying CycleCustomers buy stuff. Have you ever bought stuff? Then you are a customer. How did it happen to you? If you don’t know how you became a customer then you’ll never be able to answer the question “How do people become customers?”There is a process that we all go through when we buy stuff.We become aw
In your Wordpress Dashboard, when you go to "Pages", you see a list of the pages you created. Beside each page you see 3 columns of dataPage TitlePage DescriptionPage KeywordsThis gives a rough idea of what your SERP snippet could look like.But where does this information come from? And how important is it?How Important Is It?From the SE point of view, whatever is said today will not apply tomorrow. Search engine technology is in a constant state of evolution. Currently Google updates its algori
May 18, 2015
What Is "The Home Page"?When you type any URL into a browser you are taken to a page that lives at that URL.But one page of any site is unique and special. It’s the site’s “Home Page”.A site’s “home” is the site’s TLD (top-level-domain). This is where "the site lives". Whatever page displays at The Home of the site, ie at "The TLD", that page is “The Home Page”.At one time it used to be called "The Index Page", but the name is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the "Name"