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August 25, 2015
Today saw that irritating "300" disappear from under my airplane. Such deep joy.Thank-you, Kyle and Carson, for this wonderful opportunity. And now I've been able to pass that to another. Superb.
August 16, 2015
Yay! Have I finally worked out what to do? Is it just a fluke? Can I stop holding my breath now? I am nearly blue in the face from waiting expectantly for results.I think I'm approaching the time where I need to start getting more clever with my tracking. Up 'til now I've used the blunderbuss approach, following my own rule of "get the traffic first, then start tracking and measuring".Meanwhile, it's a thumping great "thank you" to WA for pointing out the correct path, and enabling me to purge o
August 02, 2015
One of the best freebie plugins I've come across is FeedJit.It sits on every page of my site, where every visitor will be shown a live running display of my visitors over time.More importantly I can see where those visitors come from.See it in action at and, if you like it, get it just by clicking the link at the foot of the display.I absolutely love it.PS.If you visit my site feel free to leave a comment.
If no-one is visiting your site then you are doing something wrong.SCENARIOConsider this scenario:-You are thinking about opening a shop in a bustling townThe sales agent tells you that South Street is a great place to open one because it's always swarming with customersYou build a smart shiny new shop in North StreetYou go broke because nobody comes to your shopQUESTIONWhat is the problem in that scenario? Why did the shop not get the promised customers?If you seriously cannot see what the prob
July 12, 2015
UPDATE! The video has dropped off, and Matt's channel seem to have been hacked.I'll see what I can do to find out more.<!--/*Not my words. This is Matt Cutts, of Google. If you are not paying VERY close attention to him, EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS, then you should be.Pay special attention to Google's "attitude" from Matt's throwaway comment that they do not want a situation where "users will be unhappy that they found the site via Google." That says it all.--> /*
July 12, 2015
I frequently come across animated discussions, and earnest debates, about whether a domain name needs to be a keyword.What amazes me is that so much energy is wasted on this subject, but no attempt is made to actually find out what the masters, Google and Bing, think and say about it.Here's what those in the know have to say (late 2014):- upshot of it all is:-It was helpful, once upon a
June 22, 2015
The next 3 weeks will be interesting.My current broadband access, as independently tested by USwitch, is 50Mbps. And I've become quite used to it.But, tomorrow, I'm off to my Spanish residence for 3 weeks. I don't have internet access there, because it costs a fortune, and is a little slower than here in the UK.There is internet access in the village, just a short stroll from the house. I use it from time to time. The last time I was there it was (occ
We all get excited during our first week, when we've created our brand new, first ever, website. So we get a bit despondent when we go hunting for it on Google, and don't find it. Why is my site not ranking? What's gone wrong?A Sanity CheckOur enthusiasm is to be expected, but it needs to be tempered with a little realism. Difficult I know, in our first week of being a webmaster. But there are a few questions we could ask ourselves before we get uppity and start demanding answers.Question 1: Wha
June 10, 2015
Just to demonstrate the power of Low Hanging Fruit. At 10 am today, I found a keyword "smart niche keyword tool" with QSR = 5. I wrote the following page At 11:20 am I went to Google Webmaster Tools and requested a "Fetch".At 5:20 pm I did a search and here I am #5 on Page 1. That's 6 hours dead.Yes guys, the WA method works.Newsflash Update - I now have Jaaxy signups and commissions from this very page. Rock On Kyle!
Now I can revisit Level 1, this time with understanding.