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March 21, 2016
That's a very common question, asked by many who are taking their first steps into this strange new world of Affiliate Marketing.The answer is - "how long" is totally in your own hands.We can tell you what needs to be done, and in what order it needs to be done, but ...we do not know if you will do those thingswe do not know how well or how badly you will do themwe do not know what you will skip over or leave outwe do not know what things you will do that you should not dowe do not know what th
A superb recent post, by one of our long term members, shows a "proper" way of thinking about how much you earn from one sale. How about $1,400 from one single WA signup? long term. Think LCV - Lifetime Customer Value.
February 17, 2016
An event today shows just how well a blog can succeed.A blog that started out in 2005, collating bits of existing news from elsewhere, and was sold in 2011 for $315m, today welcomed Duchess Kate of Cambridge as a guest editor.How far will your blog go?
In his blog, krazykat began compiling a list of WA success stories I also had my own list of fave stories bookmarked.Here are my additions (which will probably overlap krazykat at some stage, but that's not a bad thing). I'm adding them here only because I got bored looking them up so often in response to new member questions. There was no particular order, but I've split girls from boys 'cos someone wanted to see more female successes. I
November 21, 2015
In view of many negative comments on my previous post I've done this illustration in the hope that it gets understood better.My experience of hundreds of startup businesses is that many of them quit their journey somewhere before step 3 because "it isn't working". All that "push back" and taxiing around, and paused, and just not getting anywhere. Then a few moments of acceleration in step 2 but "It's still not flying", and it's only covered a few hundred yards on a journey of several thousand
November 14, 2015
I've so often used this explanation, but never got round to making a picture of it.This is how a business, any business, including your internet business, grows. Doubling every day is not realistic, so read it as weeks or months for a more realistic timescale, but so many people battle through to "day" 14 and give it up 'cos it's "going nowhere".If only they'd stuck it out another week, to "day" 21.If you have any doubts about the mathematical logic of this, just run up a spreadsheet and do you
October 04, 2015
I make no apologies for peddling this old chestnut. It made a huge impact on me 30 years or more ago, and often pops up in my head from time to time. The story is of a desert farmer who heard rumours about other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamonds. These rumours were so exciting that he immediately sold his farm and set off searching for diamonds, even though he had no idea what they looked like. Many years later, desolate and despondent, he threw himself off a bridge.Meanwhil
September 29, 2015
Continuing the "tomato" theme of my earlier post, here is another magic trick I learned from the same training course. It's a technique they called "Bring On The Zombies", and it works great in unison with the pomodoro technique. A "zombie" process is one that you do without thinking. Like walking, it works fine while you're not thinking about it, but it it's much harder to do if you try thinking about it while you're doing it. Zombie processes are great for overcoming procrastination, because
September 27, 2015
I've just completed a 4-week course that explains the latest findings in neuroscience in the context of the latest findings in the psychology of learning. Run by UCSD it was hard going, but stonkingly brilliant. Learning how to learn Putting it into practice has given me a huge boost in what I'm accomplishing each day, and the amount of free time at my disposal.For me the most powerful discovery was "The Pomodoro Technique". The word "pomodoro" is Italian for "tomato", and the technique origina
September 20, 2015
Every single keyword has jumped up, some by as much as 36 places. But why?In the relevant time-frame (from 23 Jun to 20 Sep15) I made no changes to any of the affected pages, and I did very little to the site as a whole except to add a few new posts that were not based on those particular keywords.As far as I can see only 3 things have changed in that time-frame1. Plenty of visitors, from all over the globe, searching for these ULTRA low competition keywords. Thus the site has gained in Google'