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Last Update: July 03, 2018

Hi all WA friends!

This is my second blog post, and I hope you enjoy reading it. And as always, feel free to comment!

First, I want to thank you all for the excellent support that you have given me thus far, and I get more motivated with my task. I want my dream to become true, and that's the goal on here.

Accessibility - a big challenge, but fun!

As a visually impaired person and after a few weeks on WA, I am getting more used to the platform and all of its amazing features and affiliate marketing in general But I am still trying to find my way through the different sections with my assistive technology software, (screen reader), which speaks the items on the screen and it can also show it in braille output.
There are screen readers for both Windows, Mac and other operating systems. I have used WA quite successfully with both JAWS for Windows as well as Apples own screen reading software called VoiceOver.
My goal is to teach other disabled people about affiliate marketing and how this can be accomplished with assistive technology software, or without.

WealthyAffiliate - Almost an accessible community

Although there are several accessibility issues on WA, it can be used by a blind person, but you must have some knowledge about navigation as well as the screen readers more advanced features.
I have already sent a few comments to WA and let's hope that the changes will be made at some point so that more people can benefit from this awesome community!

The key to success is Patience

As a visually impaired person, you come across several barriers in your daily life, including unemployment, which leads to low income. It is hard these days to get a job as a blind person, and this could become an opportunity to earn money as well as having your own business, and no one will complain about your disability or accessibility products.

You must also be prepared to wait maybe for sighted help or other low vision aids that can help you in your daily life.

So to summarize, I think Affiliate Marketing could be something for us to take advantage of and I hope that this little blog post makes you sighted friends here at WA understanding if we're asking about visuals, images, table structures, etc.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Pernilla Premium
Hej Christian!

I must say I think you are a very gifted writer. I very much enjoyed reading this blog.

Your purpose is awesome - wanting to use the opportunity with internet to help other disabled people becoming independent working online. Wish you all the very best and much fun here at WA.

Hej, hej och ha´ så kul!
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Christian

You are so very welcome! Please feel free to ask.

Although reaching into your world is not always so easy, as you and I have already discovered, but I am up for the challenge. ;-)

I believe that you can teach us about your world in return and how we can build websites that are screen reader friendly.

I'm cheering towards your success - keep going! ;-)

Wishing you all of the very best!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
JeannineC Premium
I think your goal is awesome! How amazing to want to take what you learn and share it with others. I know you'll master this and reach that goal for sure.