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March 05, 2013
Greetings friends. Good morning to you all! It is 9 am here in Malta and I am just having a cup of coffee checking my emails and peeping WA! I just noticed: it's been a while since I left an update here!Glad to say my fiverr business is blowing up! For those who don't know: I run a fiverr "business" with my girlfriend where she does the talent and I do the marketing, planning and editing. Thanks to WA, my site is now ranked number one for most of the selected keywords and we are clearing
February 21, 2013
Hello everyone, my name is Chris and this is my third time around on WA. (read my bio for the full story). :)Recently I started making sales, a lot of sales, on which started re-fueling my Internet Marketing dreams. It's not that they died off, it's just I wasn't motivated to do anything except hope for a miracle.Anyways... I am here again, looking to start fresh! I am learning, doing the courses and what not and reading and learning! I am focused to the maximum! :)The thi