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Greetings WAers. I just read a piece on and apparently Google is planning a huge algorithm update that will go live on the 21st of April 2015. It's designed to derank non-mobile responsive websites so if your blog is not mobile optimised, make sure you fix that because you WILL lose rankings. I think 2015 will be the first year that mobile search surpasses searches done through desktop computers so this update is coming at the right time. Personally I use a premium theme that i
I'm just checking my Analytics this morning and I'm seeing I have a 23.3% returning visitor and 76.7% new. I'm wondering what is a good rate of returning visitors? I know getting new visitors is always good but I'm curious to know if 23.3% returning is ok, good or can be improved? Thoughts ? Thanks WA.
Greetings WAers. I need some tips from the WA community today. I've been checking my blog's Webmaster Tools account and I'm seeing the CTR (click through rate) is very low. The average for the whole site is around 1%. Now I'm thinking about changing some titles but I'm not sure how that will affect the rankings. I remember there was a lot of fuss back in the day here at WA advising us to not change our titles once the post has been ranked cause that will lead to it being de-ranked. The other op
Greetings all. Chris Lee here. I just found another great (free) tool that I would love to share with my followers here on Wealthy Affiliate. It's a blog post title analyzer and it will help you make your titles much more interesting and attention grabbing. -> It's called "Headline Analyzer" from CoSchedule - (No affiliation). This tool will analyze your title and it will grade it for you on how well it thinks it can perform on social and SEO. It will also provide other useful data on the ch
It's been awhile since I've blogged here on WA but I've just came across something today that I just had to share it with you guys. I've found a great place where you can submit your site and get feedback from a REAL user, in a few hours, for FREE! Yes I know you can get feedback for free from folks here at WA but I think getting it from a totally unbiased, uninformed "regular" user is better (Just my opinion). Anyway, the site is called (No affiliation) Basically what you
I'm hearing news that a big update is coming to domains, starting as soon as the 4th February 2014. Apparently we can start owning domains that end with .luxury, .coffee, .money etc instead of the usual (boring) .com, .net and .orgs. Mind you they won't be cheap, from what I heard most of these new domains will cost you anywhere from $39+ up to $700+ per year. (maybe even more depends on the name). Over the next year, about 1,000 of the new type domain names would roll out and you can purchase
Hi there folks. I have came across a tip a few weeks ago regarding how you can create accounts on social media (or anything else for that matter) using just one email account. Personally I have multiple Twitter & Pinterest accounts so this was a really great tip and a time saver too. The thing is that you have to have a Gmail Account. (I'm pretty sure you use the Gmail service already if you use Google for analytics, authorship and such.) So.... If you want to create a new accou
May 28, 2013
Hey there all, I just would like to share a video with you from somebody I really admire in this business we are in.. Maybe you've heard of him.. Gary Vay-ner-chuckIn this hour long video. Gary will discuss his ideas on: social media internet marketing the internet the future of the internet the future of online business and much more.If you have the time, do watch this video. It opened my eyes up to how fast the world is changing, especially in our online world.If you like this
Yesss!!!!Somehow, I managed to make 3 sales with my Amazon site!!! This is the proudest moment so far in my short internet marketing career! Apparently some guy just purchased some car accessories through my jewelry niche website (these things happen apparently) and I gt the commission of the sales!I only earned 0.84 cents but this tiny amount makes the whole bigger picture visible! This dream is coming alive!!Such a happy moment, I never thought that 0.84c can make a man so happy!!!!!I want to
Well not exactly, See I work in our family business, but I hate it, it's true it's nice to work with family (and I'm lucky to have a family business to fall on) but I want a change, I don't want to be stuck doing what my father and grandfather got stuck doing. I want options!!So I decided to take some time off from my work with the family, I now just work half as much as I used to do. They surely didn't like the idea of me cutting my hours but I know deep down they wish me a