My Lack Of Work Ethic

Last Update: May 02, 2017

Theres a part of me that I've come to have a deeper knowing recently. Its something I feel I need to express right now; to be vulnerable. But not vulnerable for vulnerability's sake or because its fashionable. Its my belief that vulnerability leads to freedom because it burns off the emotional baggage that surrounds a part of ourselves that is uncomfortable to us. A part that is even scarier to reveal to others.

So this painful realization is that I have a very poor work ethic. Up until now, the level of willingness to work that I've displayed will get me absolutely nowhere. And it would be such a tragic waste if I remain this way because I do have strengths which can serve me well. I have good mindsets and attitudes, I'm intelligent, I have a good heart with good intentions, and in the past year I've bought more people into my life who are supportive. It would be a tragedy to be known as the guy who gave great advice; to forever have to look myself in the mirror and face the fact that I'm nothing but an armchair life enthusiast.

However, I do feel that I will 'correct' this character flaw. The reason I got here is because over the years I kept rewarding myself for doing nothing. This is what we do when we continually choose to indulge in short-term gratification. We condition ourselves to feel good (getting the reward) by pressing the easy button. The easy button for me has been orgasms, a beer (or 6), a joint. But it also includes the self-help trap: knowledge gathering without application, making lists, making plans, writing about things, etc.

What I love about this community is that I keep coming across the mantra of "work hard and the results will come." Reading this over and over again has motivated me to resolve this severely lacking part of my character. The lifestyle freedom I desire requires it and by being here I know that not only will I achieve this goal, better yet I will get the reward of becoming the man, the person I know Im capable of being.

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MatthewM Premium
Most who twiddle there thumbs when it comes to getting work done don't have a solid plan and never write anything down so they don't have to hold themselves accountable for failing to get busy. Its not that they don't have the will to get anything done they just don't know what to do and end up looking at the screen or even reading other peoples post all day.

There is a saying, "plan your work and work your plan." You should know what you'll be doing tomorrow today.

I recommend checking out The 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride. Its a 30 day home bootcamp to get your ass in gear.
Chirag7 Premium
Thanks for your replay man. Funny enough, that quote came up for me yesterday when I was assessing myself in this regard.

What I've started doing recently is writing down what I want, the way I want my life to look and writing out the goals that I think will help facilitate that lifestyle. Im still in the process however of being more specific and having a plan.