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Last Update: Mar 8, 2022

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Hey People,

I hope you are all doing great.

Just giving you an update, regarding my left eye. If you have not read my post from last regarding this, click below:

As you may know, I have a scratch within my left eye, and I have to use eye drops, ointments, and night eye drops, 5 times a day and the night one only at night which is once.

I woke up on Sunday, feeling great, went to my mum's house and spent quality time with her, came home chilled out, I was on my Tablet doing some work. went to bed as normal. Then Monday morning, my left eye was in intense pain. I could not open my eyes.

Guess what happened, over the weekend I forgot to put the drops, etc... My bad!

Tuesday morning (today) I went to the eye clinic to get it checked out, and they basically said that I have to use the drops/ointment for a very long term, forever.

Now there is good and bad news regarding this.

The bad is, you can do a minor eye operation where they inject your eye with something.

The good, carry on using the drops/ointments.

Now, I don't know about you, but for me, I'd rather use the eye drops/ointment than have something injected into my eye.

Currently, my left is pretty blurry, but I know that will heal within time.

On a positive note, I still have vision :)

Just thought I'd update you all.

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I've had cataract surgery and a follow-up procedure on both eyes. Surprisingly, it really didn't hurt (though I was good with the drops afterwards!). If you do need a procedure, see if it's possible to do it with a laser rather than a scapel. You'll heal better and faster with less scaring.

Hope all resolves perfectly for you!

Thanks 😊😊
So now you have 'Ultra HD' view 🀣
My mum went through cataract operation in both of her but at different times, she called it ultra HD view! Bless

I paid the extra money to get prescription lenses. Now I don't wear glasses anymore. It's a dream come true, even though it was expensive!

That's really great πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ

That sounds irritating ... I have a friend who is getting eye surgery soon and it makes me nervous just thinking about it that someone is going to do something to his eye ... Well, he won't feel it and it's laser surgery, but it's just ... I can nearly feel it if I think about it ;-)

It is irritating πŸ˜‚
Whenever I hear 'eye operation' I get this strange feeling, like you can feel the pain πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ

Hi Chiggs so sorry to hear about your eye problem, at present I myself had an eye injury during a cataract surgery, the cornier in my left eye got scarred so I also have blurred vision in my left eye.

All I can do is take care of my right eye. Hope things work out for you.

Oh you are going through the same, sorry to hear this. Are you taking any drops? So I guess you have felt that pain like there's something stuck in your eye and you can't look at sunlight or any lights.

Yes that pain is really horrible but when I use the drops it helps. There'really days the eye would be red and burns a lot. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks. When the eye hurts, I know exactly how you feel. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about having something injected into my eye. Not to mention Lasik or cataract surgery.

I do need to get to the eye doctor. I have this condition where my eyes don't quite line up correctly. I have to squint my left eye to get it to focus the same as my right eye. Fixable with new glasses. One of the curses of getting older.


Thanks, Terry. You really need to get your eye checked out 😊

Wow! If it's any reassurance, I had cataracts in both eyes and had to have them removed. I was above scared...but went in bravely. Of course, they had to inject something in my eye before the doc did the surgery, but you know what? It really didn't hurt. The surgery took 5 to 10 minutes. The doc did one eye and I had to return the next day to get the other one done.

When I was tested after it was done, I had 20-20 vision -- something I'd never had...have worn glasses since I was 6, and couldn't see the blackboard at school.

So, yes, I know how frightening the idea of having something injected in your eye can be, but I am guessing that the anticipation is far worse than the experience would be. You might reconsider.

Thanks for sharing. You had cataracts in both eyes, that must have been scary.

I didn't even realize my problem until I went to have my license renewed.

Oh, I see... You must be shocked when you found out! Could not you tell?

No, I couldn't really. I did notice that my vision of things a little distance from me was fuzzy, and that's why I went in for a check-up. The doc gave me the bad news.

Oh like that. Awww. Do you wear glasses for anything or no? My mum had cataract in both her eyes, got both removed, she has glasses, however her number is very very low. Without glasses she can see. Where as before, when mum took her glasses off, she was blind as a bat.

I don't wear glasses at all. I do keep a pair of reading glasses around for miniscule print, but can read just about anything.

That's awesome 😊

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