Happy Father's Day Everyone

Last Update: Jun 19, 2022

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Hi Family,

I have not done a post for some time now.

Today, here in the UK, it's Father's Day, not sure if it's a global thing or a UK thing.

I wanted to say Happy Father's Day all everyone, family dads, single dads, and single mums who are doing both parent roles.

If you are the fortunate one whose dad is alive and well, go and spend quality time, have a beer or two, eat together, go for a drive with your dad into the countryside, and watch some sports/TV together. Make quality memories. Don't just take photos, RECORD VIDEOS AS WELL.

I will be back with a value post very soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you are planning to do or doing.

I will be back very soooooooon :)

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Happy Father's day, Hope your day is great, i agree with you and my mom, spending time with your mom and dad is so important to do no matter what day it is.

We are going out to my dad's favorite restaurant tonight with my big family, Have a great day ahead, can't wait to read the blog your working on.

Thanks, have a wonderful time with your family 😊❤️

I sure will!🥰

Happy Father's Day, to all. I spent each fathers day with my dear beloved Dad and now, our 4th year without him, we share the memories and wish we had more time to make them.

Have a good day, everyone and I agree with Chigs, if you have your Dad still on Earth, celebrate him (and your Mom) each and every day!

Thank you, Diane x

Happy Father's Day, Chigs! Have an awesome day :-)

Thank you 😊

Happy Father's Day, Chigs! 👍

Thank you 😊

You're very welcome!

I believe it's a global thing ;)
Hope your day is amazing

Thank you 😊
My day is going well. I hope your day is going well x

It is going well
Thank you :)

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