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Last Update: October 16, 2018

Yesterday i posted about needing 3 sales in 30 days to keep my Amazon account open and was going to get busy and do a post. Well i went right into doing another post. I already had the research done for the post so i had it published in a little over an hour.

I did some stuff around the house and came back to my computer 2 hours later and had a message from Wa that my content had been indexed by google. I was like, WHAT, So this morning i went and first checked Bing and my post was page 1 #2, then i went too google and found my post at page 2 # 19, I am totally dumfounded by this.

You know i have post that i thought were whay better content than this and no where reached the ranking of this one post. Anyway, maybe the google god's are trying to get those 3 Amazon sales i need. LOL

So on to another post.

Bless you all


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MiaL Premium
Keep up with the posts! Sounds like you'll be on to a winner :)
MarvinBarnes Premium
Great stuff, congrats.
Heidi9 Premium
marmar463 Premium
Congratulations on being indexed that is awesome

AndreaK1 Premium
Whatever works, I hope you will make those 3 sales!