Getting Nervous

Last Update: October 15, 2018

Yeah, i just got the dreaded email from Amazon, i have 30 days to meet the 3 sale minimum. Been getting traffic and clicks but can't seem to get any sales as of yet. I'm not going to let them get me.

I'm doing another post tonight and as many as i can in the next 30 day's. It would really be a bummer to edit thirty some posts. Ugh. Anyway, fill you in on how goes it. You all have a great week.

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bigrog44 Premium
I hope you sell some things, Robert. Amazon cut me off because I had no sales.
WaynePro Premium
Hope you get a sale soon, Robert. I had the same thing happen to me last year and the account was closed. However, they will let you open another one again.

Mordenrose Premium
I got mine from stating I have 90 days left. They told me I can reapply. I'll do that with instead but I'll wait until my viewership has gone way up first.
ExpatMark Premium
I have seen people trading sales to meet their quota. Give it a try, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
ellford Premium
That's a great idea actually. All you need is someone's cookie and then go buy a $2 item somewhere on Amazon...

I'm in the exact same boat and I dread having to modify all my URLs (again)...
SydneyMac Premium
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