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June 28, 2019
Hey All,It's hard to believe a year as gone by already since i joined Wealthy Afiliate.Of course i want to thank Kyle and Carson for offering this awesome training platform. And of course Jay, ThanksI also want to give a special shout out to my sponsor Tim McKinley who has been so inspirational to me, thanks TimMost of all i want to thank my entire network of 1.3K friends i have encountered along the way. Your posts, comments and trainings have been second to none.looking forward to another yea
January 08, 2019
Hello All,I'm starting to switch some affiliate links over to the Ebay Partner Network and was wondering if anyone knows if they allow link shortening before i go to crazy. I will be using pretty links for my link shortening.Any help would be greatly appreciatedThanksRobert
December 15, 2018
Hello All,I received an email from what seems to be a reputable website asking if they could guest blog on my website. They ask in return a link to their website. I'm not sure what exactly this entails so any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can find the email below.thanks RobertHello, As a reader and fan of, I was wondering if there are any partnership opportunities available (paid or otherwise) with your website. We have a team of dedicated golf writers
December 11, 2018
Well, i made it to the 6 month mark, time sure does fly. Thank all of you here at Wealthy Affiliate for all your help and support. Happy Holidays to all of you.Robert
November 02, 2018
Hello All,So the last few days i've been getting WA emails saying i have comments that meet my criteria for subjects i checked off. That is all well and good but i left two comments so far through this concept but i have not gotten credit for any of these comments that i have left. Curious if anyone else has experienced this.All the best Robert
October 25, 2018
Hello evryone,Have not been around lately and apologize for that and may not be able to interact with you all as much as i want. My father in law has taken ill and we had to put him a nursing home. It is absolutley amazing the BS and rhetoric you have to go through to give him the proper care that this man deserves. He was a declamated member of our armed forces and trying to get him decent help is deplorable. Going through the medicaid process is just nightmarish. This man deserves more and is
October 16, 2018
Yesterday i posted about needing 3 sales in 30 days to keep my Amazon account open and was going to get busy and do a post. Well i went right into doing another post. I already had the research done for the post so i had it published in a little over an hour.I did some stuff around the house and came back to my computer 2 hours later and had a message from Wa that my content had been indexed by google. I was like, WHAT, So this morning i went and first checked Bing and my post was page 1 #2, th
October 15, 2018
Yeah, i just got the dreaded email from Amazon, i have 30 days to meet the 3 sale minimum. Been getting traffic and clicks but can't seem to get any sales as of yet. I'm not going to let them get me. I'm doing another post tonight and as many as i can in the next 30 day's. It would really be a bummer to edit thirty some posts. Ugh. Anyway, fill you in on how goes it. You all have a great week.
October 09, 2018
I did not even realize my network was even reachimg 1,000. I just happenened to look today and my network said 1k, wow, what a shock, anyway way thank you, each and every one of you for making my network grow so fast, very much appreciated.All the best to you allRobert
September 12, 2018
Hello all,I submitted my sitemap for my new affiliate site in Bing weeks ago and it is still in pending status. My niche site was approved almost immediately. Has anyone else run into this issue? I followed the same protocal for this site. Any help would be greatly appreciatedThanksRobert