What Is More Important?

Last Update: February 23, 2020

Now I know I have been here a while now but it has always confused me as to what we really want to get more off, is it clicks or impressions?

Please feel free to think that I should know this by now and I probably should but somethings just go in and go out again if I don't find them interesting. However, do not insult me by telling me I am stupid for not knowing. I can do that all by myself, I don't need someone else to tell me lol.

I currently have a Google Ad running and to me, I would say the results are rather good but as I say, because it is not interesting to me I don't really understand if they are good or not.

When I looked at the Google Ad recommendations today, I can see that I still have a lot to find out to make sure I am doing it correctly. If anyone has already set up their ads and can help me a bit or direct me to a good easy training then let me know. I will be extremely thankful.

So if anyone would be kind enough to explain this in layman's terms (idiots guide to me), then you know where to find me but don't all rush at once as I can only listen to one at a time lol.

Well here we are once again at Sunday night and the last week of another month. Be productive everyone and

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Cheryl, it can get confusing, I see a lot of times folks mention the number of impressions that they receive, and they get all excited.

The key metric when it comes to advertising is conversions.

Ad Clicks, or simply Clicks, is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement which in turn will lead them, to an online property.

Ad Impressions, are a count of the total number of times digital advertisements display on someone's screen within the publisher's network.

The thing to remember when advertising on a network we only pay when an ad is clicked.

Definitely clicks are the prince in waiting, conversions are the king of the empire.

Love the humor: speaking of wine you will never find an answer at the bottom of a bottle of wine.

No harm in checking it out to see.

Chezbrown Premium
Lol, thanks Alex. You never know, there may be something really interesting at the bottom of a bottle of wine. It may be in code though lol. Definitely, no harm in trying it out.

Thanks for that and I am glad someone made it clear for me now. Only took me about 4 years to find out lol. Maybe you can answer another question for me? To track your conversions you need to put in a code in your header of each page you want to see an advert. Do you think it will be ok to put it in the main header so it shows on all pages?

There is so much to learn and when you get confused easy it doesn't help lol.

I will get there though.

Have a good week. xxxx
lesabre Premium
Hi Cheryl,
Love the graphic and sense of humor. OK are you ready for this. There may be different opinions by the way.

Clicks are much, much more important than impressions, for one reason. Think about how you need an impression in order to get a click. Likewise, you need a click in order to get a conversion.

It all starts with the click.

Best wishes,
Chezbrown Premium
Thanks Michael

Pleased you liked the graphic and yes I have a wicked sense of humour lol. I am now following you here at WA and wishing you well on your journey here at WA.

Well so far, the ones who have answered have all said the same as yourself. Thank you for making this clearer for me. It is greatly appreciated.

So 60 clicks is not a lot but it's a start lol.

Have a good week. xxxx
lynnsam61 Premium
Hi Cheryl,
I've been under the belief that clicks are more important than impressions since you need an impression before you can get a click. The hope is that the click will lead to a conversion. There's a lot more to it that I know but like you I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Have a great week!
Chezbrown Premium
Hi Erica,

Yes, the answers I have had from others has said the same that you want more clicks to lead to conversions.

I know what you mean, there is so much to learn about it all lol.

We will get there Erica.

Have a good week too. xxxx
JackieB830 Premium
Hi Sheryl

That was a great question, thanks for asking it.

From what I understand, impressions are the number of times your ad was shown while clicks are the number of times someone clicked on your ad.

Looking to see more explanations.

All the best.

Chezbrown Premium
Hi Jackie

You are very welcome and I am now following you here at WA too.

Your understanding is right, impressions lead to clicks which will hopefully lead to conversions for us.

I will let you know.

Thanks xxxx
JackieB830 Premium
Thanks Sheryl

You have gotten a lot answers, and I learned from them as well.
Clicks are definitely more important.

Thanks for following me, I will be following you.

megawinner Premium
Let's get drunk with gratitude, for one because you are here in this community. 🌈✨

I guess you add a different savory flavor. You are doing great!

Thank you for an entertaining post and informative one as well! 🙏😊


Chezbrown Premium
Thanks Florentino

Pleased to see you enjoyed my warped sense of humour lol. Yes, I suppose I probably do add a different savour flavour lol.

You are very welcome and I hope this was helpful for you as well.

Answers so far have definitely made me understand it more.

Cheers to you too. xxxx
megawinner Premium