The Good And Bad News

Last Update: February 15, 2020

Well the first week of February has certainly had it's ups and downs for me. I have had a mixture of good and bad news but at the same time I can honestly say that I now feel as if a weight has been well and truly lifted off my shoulders and I feel more at ease with my life.

I was recently informed that the people who scammed me last year are now in the prison after being caught. Karma certainly does have a way of catching up with people thankfully.

Now my next piece of news should really be classed as probably bad news but to me it was a blessing in disguise. On Thursday (6/2/20) I had been asked to attend a disciplinary meeting at work because of my absence level. All of my absences had been sickness covered with sicklines from the Doctor apart from the last one.

Because I had been issued with a final written warning when I had been off with a trapped nerve in my neck, I was advised that I could be facing dismissal. I wasn't too bothered about this as I hated working there recently and was not going to live with the fear that if I took unwell I would be scared to stay off. I am afraid to say, but my health comes first.

So at present, I am here for Gavin going to Uni in the mornings and here during the day for my Mother-in-law as well. This means that Davie doesn't have to waste his holidays by taking a Tuesday and Thursday off because I am working.

It was so nice not having to go out in the snow and bitter cold to wait on a bus early in the morning yesterday. Believe me when I say that I won't miss the workplace but I will miss the people I worked with and a lot of my customers that I knew well.

Please keep your fingers crossed that everything keeps going this way.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine Day yesterday and that you are all having a great


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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Cheryl,

At least that scammer is sitting where he deserves to sit.
Somebody who scammed hundreds of people me included is being looked for by Interpol since October 2018 but they cannot find him.
Yes, your health comes first for sure. Keep smiling.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Chezbrown Premium
Thanks Taetske. There was actually 2 of them and they are both behind bars. That is dreadful that they can't find him. I hope they do get him eventually.

Yeah, my health is more important to me and I was not going to be made to feel guilty if I had to be off again. I hated the place at the end so was hoping that it would be dismissal so I could get out.

I am grinning like a Cheshire cat now lol. Xxx
Swangirl Premium
A bad workplace is the worst. I am out a ton due to health issues and I worry about that all the time. So far my managers have been very supportive so I am lucky. I don't want to live with the stress forever though.

Good for you for getting out!

I am glad the scammers got caught!

Sui_generis Premium
Cheryl, I'm glad to hear about the scammers. Regarding the rest, one of my favorite sayings is: "Everything happens for a reason" There have been SOO many times in life that the moment is not so good yet when I look back, it was an Ahhhh Haaa moment that if that particular thing hadn't happened, the latest good thing wouldn't have happened either. Make sense?

ValerieJoy Premium
Cheryl, I'm am sorry to learn of how you've been treated by your employer. He certainly does not deserve to have you working for him. Yes, you will miss the people you worked with and the customers, but good things will fall in place and you won't look back.

I'm pleased the scammers have been caught. They are now in the right place.

I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine Day. I love your sweet little image.

Take care. Catch up again soon. xxxx

BobMargroff Premium
Hi Cheryl, I am happy that the scammers got what was coming to them. It is sad to hear about you losing your job... but at the same time happy for you that you can concentrate on what is important to you... your website and your online business.

You seem ok with the fact that you lost your job. That is the best way to be... things will be good for you. I am praying for you that everything will work out.

I wish you the best!