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Last Update: February 19, 2020

Today I am in the mood to have fun, so I am sharing with you all some fun images and quotes about life because I am feeling good and things are going well.

Here we are, only in the 2nd month of 2020 and things are going well for me. This makes a change, as I never seem to have good luck.One of the best things was finding out that the rotters who scammed me have been jailed.

After such a rubbish 2019, and losing so much time here at WA, it so nice to get back to working on my sites as well as chatting with all my good friends here at WA. There are so many that have come and gone as well which is a shame but it is up to each person if they wish to stay or not.

It is known here in Wealthy Affiliate that I love to have fun and if you are new here, then I never mean to offend anyone but please let me know if you don't like anything or feel offended by anything I put up here. Unfortunately, I do have a warped sense of humour and can find things funny that other people would never do. If you get to know me, you will know what I mean lol.

I have some exciting news to share with you, but I will leave that till later on. Keep you all guessing lol.

Now with this last photo and before telling you my news, I need to see if my very good PRYSC perhaps will know the answer to the following question:

So if you see him here at WA, then please direct him to this blog so we can all find out what the answer is lol.

Ok, now for my news that I want to share with you. As I like to wrap presents, I was chatting with someone who has become a good friend and was telling them that I would love to do this for other people as I know so many people who don't like wrapping.gifts or maybe don't have the time because they are working. Therefore, I have decided to start up my own gift wrapping business which I don't intend to launch till later in the year but I am excited at this prospect and looking forward to saying it is all my doing. I already have my name but not saying yet what it is.

So enjoy the rest of your week everyone and have a great

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Calmkoala Premium
So glad you are back... I demand at least one good laugh a week! Congrats, on your awesome good news 😊
Are you good at tying a mean bow on a teddy bear? Been working with the bears for over a year and still can't get a decent symetrical 'butterfly' bow round their neck.
Even tried YouTube videos, think my fingers just don't do bow-type movements?! Help.. any hints anyone?! Keep smiling, Sue 😉
Chezbrown Premium
Hey Sue, I will give you a weekly dose of laughs don't worry and will include Aunty Acid as I know she is a favourite lol.

I never knew you worked with teddy bears. I have never tried it sorry Sue but will ask my lovely friend Stefan (ToliNoli) if he is any good lol. xxxx
CMKetay Premium
I must be as warped at you are. That was seriously funny! I needed the laugh. As to the new business..... I am a concierge and gift wrapping is among the many services we offer. I've lost track of how many I've wrapped in the past 12 years! But it is fun. Hope it all goes well. If I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to drop me a note! Christine
Chezbrown Premium
Thank you Christine and I am always glad to hear people are just as warped as I am lol. If you have time then you will find a lot more fun blogs here within my profile but it may take you a while to look for them lol.

Thanks for the offer of help and if I need to know anything I will certainly come and ask. xxxx
lynnsam61 Premium

I must have an equally warped sense of humor because I always get a good laugh out of your entertaining posts. I'm not a joker by nature but always appreciate a chuckle! Laughter really is great medicine.
Re: your new business idea I think it has a lot of potential. I for one always enjoy receiving a beautifully wrapped gift (my sister has a real knack for that) but a gift bag is sadly my go-to method these days. Exciting news and I look forward to hearing more.

Debs66 Premium
Chez lols some fun jokes there.

What a fabulous idea. I hate wrapping presents. Christmas lol my kids laugh and say oh mum you are rubbish at wrapping.

Your idea is so unique. I love it, Chez!
Keep me in the loop on how you go haha you can come and wrap mine lol :))
I think this will do super well.. I really do.

Big hugs and here is to a fabulous 2020.
Debs :)
ValerieJoy Premium
That is so wonderful, Cheryl. I feel your excitement. I'm sure you will be run off your tippy toes when people learn about your business. Wrapping gifts is art and science, or maybe maths, all wrapped up in one. And you, Cheryl, will definitely delight your customers with your creations.

Love your post. Reading it was a great start to my day. xxxx