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Hi I'm Dwi,
I'm a veteran newbie, been trying internet stuff without seeing any tangible result. Now I want to start all over again before I get burnt out. It would be a great pleasure to learn from the experts here in WA. :)
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LynneHuy Premium
Howzit Dwi :)

I just gave you a comment on your website via the comments platform. Just a tip: Make sure you respond to each and every comment on your website. This not only makes it look to visitors like you engage with your readers but it also gives you an opportunity to add links to other content and to add more information, plus content and keywords.

The post I commented on had 2 comments and no response from you :)

Have a lovely evening!!
cherishdday Premium
Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for you kind concern, I really appreciate it. I totally forgot about that, I was about to reply those comments when the internet connection at my office went out, and then the next day we had big holiday n got carried away by other stuff.. It happens all the time when i didn't do things right away.

Thanks again for your feedback. It feels great to get connected with nice people like you here in WA :)
LynneHuy Premium
It is a pleasure! Maybe also change the date on your reply comments so it looks like you replied same day or at least the day after? :)
Best of luck with your business!
Larry_T Premium
Hi, just wanted to thank you for following me and to wish you the best with your website training
chengckalex Premium
Thank you for your acceptance and following back. Let's share and collaborate toward our success in this friendly and helpful community.
Chessie Premium
Hi Dwi and thanks for the follow. I'm also a veteran and I'm so glad I joined this community. I sincerely hope you attain all that you wish for, this is certainly the best place to do it! Ches
betterjuicy Premium
Hey Dwi, thanks for following. So glad to meet you and look forward to connecting with you soon...
rog37 Premium
Thank you for following me in ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ Dwi
This is one of the very best places I have personally been in years and am sure it is for you too!
Having risen to 256 in the rankings in my fist month, I can assure you that this was achieved solely by following Kyle’s teachings exactly to the word. I would advise anyone who is new to ‘WA’ to just follow what Kyle teaches in his training’s and not try to do it their own way. “Re-inventing the wheel“, I believe it’s called 
I wish you every success in all you are striving for in WA, good luck,
cherishdday Premium
Great advice Roger. Thanks for sharing.
abe17 Premium
Hi Dwi,
thanks for the comment,
Best wishes,
partnerit Premium
Hi Dwi, thanks for the follow, I'm now following you too. Good luck on WA, I wish you all the best. Cheers, Mark.
copperdell Premium
Thank you for the follow Dwi, lovely to meet you. Sherrie
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you for following me Dwi! =) I'm looking forward to working with you!
Have a lovely day
phoenix2 Premium
Thanks for the follow Dwi. Great to meet you!
Skyline350 Premium
Thanks for the follow, best of luck here at WA
Rich908 Premium
Great to connect with you
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
PMakaris Premium
Hey there Dwi, how's it going? I'm Pete and I actually referred you here to WA through my website and thought I'd introduce myself while offering you my help and assistance.

I'm a Premium member here, and always will be! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is absolutely worth it, especially if you have a unique and special interest when it comes to online marketing.

Here are your instructions in case you missed it on how to get started: Let's start the year strong!


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While your free membership is extremely valuable, it's used more to get you up and running. So as you start your training, take a look into going Premium. Trust me, it's totally worth it.

Other than that, just glad you are here Dwi!