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I've read a fresh blog post from a new friend on WA, which triggered me to write this.i lost my job 4 years ago because of the organizational restructure of my employer. At my age I thought i need to give up the hope of the next job and started to look around for opportunities on line. Although I was constrained financially but I could manage that by downgrading my living requirements. I didn't have any clue where should I go online. But because I have more time staying home so I become ver
I must admit I'm too radical or fast after joining WA. I'm not any technical savvy but enthusiastic about the very important part of culture within WA - to help others. Without completing my courses I've already built website(s) hoping to lure traffic. I may be right but I'm too radical and fanatic - I have to equip myself properly to do so.Today I eventually return to square one to find what I have done wrong. I've found one major mistake that I've made right at the first Affiliate Bootcam
It's been a month since I joined WA. So far I'm very satisfied with the development although I haven't started to make money yet. But I think building a strong foundation is important to assure future success.Over the past month when I "follow" other WA fellows and received their acknowledged follows, I've been happy with my network thus grow. I try as much as possible to read over the profile of acknowledged fellows. I found it sometimes difficult to figure out the background of the indiv
September 03, 2015
Today I read a blog post seeking advice in setting up a platform like WA in another language.I want to share my opinion here.First of all, English is not my mother tongue.But lucky enough I was born and raised during the colonial era in Hong Kong.I picked up English through basic and normal school studies.In my working life I spent 30% or more of my time communicating with others in English (not include the decade long memorable Canadian life).It made me easily picked up the key points in WA an
The paragraphs after this was extracted from my comment to Kyle’s post commenting on MLM which I edited offline.I was asked to comment on SiteRubix Site comment page but I couldn’t do so (need to figure out why later but perhaps fellows here can help too)Coincidently I was asked to comment on Kyles page about MLM.Points that Kyle mentioned in the page are all quite valid.I’m not sure if when my SiteRubix Site comment page problem get fixed I
August 21, 2015
At the end of last month, a friend of mine came up to me offering me an opportunity of selling bluetooth audio products, specifically to North American market. The first (and so far the only) thing I did was "how to sell consumer electronics on line" on Google. I was expecting to get results telling me how to set up a website and post my products. It did a little bit but more interestingly and importantly it was the first time the idea of "Affiliate Marketing" was brought to my mind. And it