What Should be Included in a Blog?

Last Update: November 22, 2019

This is following my other three articles from a great study about blogging and the changes that have occurred with how we write content. The study was done by Orbit Media and they interviewed 1000 bloggers.

If you missed the other articles, here are links to those as well:




You may know much of this already, but hopefully it will make things easier for the newer members.

Blogs need to include many things to be SEO friendly and to keep your readers interested.

Here is a list of things that should be included in your blogs, as much as possible:

  • Include relevant images. Don't just put images in your posts with making sure they make sense for your post subject and you niche.
  • Add some relevant lists. For one of my niches for example, I include lists of ingredients of the product I am writing about. I like to use bullet lists so the reader can easily see each thing I want to highlight.
  • Add relevant statistics. Add statistics that make sense for your article as necessary.
  • Insert videos that apply. Videos are a big thing now and we all need to start adding YouTube videos or some other type of relevant videos to our blogs. Also, link your YouTube videos to your posts. This will get you much more relevant traffic.
  • Add influencer or contributor quotes. Add quotes or little blurbs to your posts that come from some of the gurus around, that are in you niche or that are relevant to your post.

Obviously you also need to include great content that really gets your point across. And you will be adding your affiliate links, banners, etc.

The study points out how many images bloggers include in posts. Here is a great table showing that:

Visuals are a very important part of successful content. Only about 3% of bloggers interviewed, add 10 or more images, videos or audios to their content, but those bloggers have 2.5 - 3 times greater success because of it.

I think this makes sense, we are more visual than in the past. We like to see pictures or images and videos. But, make sure your videos are not long. You should be able to get your point across in only a few minutes with a video, unless it is a training video or webinar.

And don't forget to add your sources for research. Putting something in an article that is not backed up by a quality research article or statistics, will not help you with you authority. This is called collaboration and is very important for SEO and for Google to like you. Don't we all love Google :).

I hope this help with what needs to be in your articles. If you have any questions, put them in your comments and I will absolutely answer them.

Have a great WA day, and don't forget to get your Black Friday material ready for next week.

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Great info, thanks for sharing
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Glad you found it useful Karen.
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This is fantastic information Curtis. Thank you for sharing!
~ Marijana
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Glad to help.
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Thanks for sharing this information, every bit of information gained helps to grow one's business a little more everyday.
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Thanks for all the pertinent information concerning writing blogs in your this and your last few posts, Curtis! i appreciate it. Have a Great weekend!

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Excellent tips, thank you! I still have to work on the video part, I need to improve equipment for that ;-)
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I have to get my videos going as well. I have found ways to do it on my computer pretty easily, without any fancy equipment.