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Most, if not all ranking factors are directly related to the user experience. Search engine results to the user’s question or search, are the most important to the user.You have to make sure you pay close attention to what your content is providing to your users. If they don’t see what they are looking for or don’t find the answer to their questions, they will most likely leave your site. That does not look good for your site, according to Google.All your content needs to star
Yep, made to one year here at WA, the best affiliate and online business training on the planet!I just started creating this list, so I am sure I missed some stuff, but you will get the point.1. Completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification in less than a month.2. Created my first website3. Created my site About Me page.4. Created Privacy Policy5. Created Affiliate Disclosure.6. Created Medical Disclaimer since my site is about Low Testosterone.7. Created Categorie
In my post about my SEO checklist;, that I hope everyone here at WA reads, I mentioned links but not really a lot of information about the type of links. Eric Cantu created a great video about the different types of links and how to create them. This is very important to SEO for your site and your posts.Here is the link to this video that I highly recommend to all here at WA:
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a checklist to use before you publish your posts? Or a checklist you could use to go back and check all your older posts to make sure they are SEO ready? Great news, I have been working really hard for the last year, here at WA and I have done a ton of research and studying on SEO. In this post, I am going to give everyone here what I have learned and the checklist I use for every article I write on my niche site. I truly believe that if you follow this
I wanted to share with the community, a site that I like that contains tons of useful and current SEO information. It is called Search Engine Journal and is totally free to join. This is not spam and I get nothing for this. I just want to provide helpful information to the WA community.I just downloaded @sejournal's latest guide "47 Experts on the 2019 SEO Trends That Really Matter". You can get your copy free by clicking this link: you don't like the so called cloaked li
I have just received my 6 month dedication badge and I am happy with my progress here so far.I have created 51 very high quality posts on my first site and 6 more on my second site.My posts are always indexed very quickly and most are on page 1 and most of those are position 1. Not too shabby.I have a lot of traffic but no sales yet.I have my own Facebook business page and over two hundred followers there so far.I use social media all the time and I use Social Jukebox to automatically post for
February 12, 2018
Moving along with my training. Looking forward to Course 4!!
I have only been here at WA for a few weeks and I am progressing nicely. I have finished the first two courses with this post. I have created my niche website.I have created several posts.I have added pertinent pictures.I have done everything in the training in the order recommended.The training is awesome and not to hard to follow.The chats and all the help is also really great here at WA.I am not a writer and I was not really sure I could continue to create posts, but it has worked out well s
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