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This is a really important question for us all. Turns out, if we don't update our older content to make sure it is relevant and useful, it can hurt your website. The following article by SEJ is awesome and everyone here should check it out. Free and I get nothing for this, it is just really good information.Check it out:
Today was a special day for me. I volunteered to help put together the 3/4 replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall That Heals in Bellflower, CA. It was an honor and a very humbling experience to be part of such an important event. Everyone should go out and see this wall and the other information they provide about all the people who fought for us, many which lost their lives. We cannot ever forget the sacrifice out military make every day and especially when the make the ultimate sacrifice. I am
Spent most of today going back through all of my posts on my first website. I like to do this every three months to make sure they are kept up to date. I have noticed that some of my tags seem to disappear for some reason, so I have to put them back. I don't know why this happens.Has anyone else seen that happen?I also make sure all of the posts are fully SEO up to date, since our friends at Google like to change the rules from time to time.Make sure to update images as well. I found a few that
March 05, 2019
Just discovered I have dropped out of the top 200, currently 203. I never intended to be in the top 200 or 100 or 50, or be an ambassador, it just happened by doing the right thing here and by helping people.I have been really busy with my second site, while still trying to keep up with my first site. So, that has to be my priority and should be for everyone here as well. We are here to create our own online empire, just like Kyle and Carson have. We can't do that by spending all our time on th
You have just joined this amazing platform and wondering, what the heck do I do first?I am going to try and help you with that a little bit.What Should be the First Thing I Do?First thing to do is create your profile. It doesn't need to be anything fancy or huge to begin with. Just tell us who you are, where did you come from, do you have any experience with affiliate marketing or an online business, maybe a little about your education, and whatever else you would like us to know to get to know
I know that may not seem like much to the veterans here at WA, but to me, it is a lot. All 100 articles are of high quality and provide useful information to my readers. I have been here just over a year.I also have my second site going for online business stuff and it has 10 articles so far.Everytime I think I have run out of brilliant ideas for my first niche site, I just go outside and get some fresh air and some sun, play with the dogs, and all of a sudden the ideas are flowing again.What d
I have been writing content now for just over a year, and I am convinced, there is no way to have no duplicate content on your website.That doesn't mean there is a lot, it just means there is bound to be some of your own words that are going to be duplicates of other pages on your site. It is your way of writing and most likely speaking.According to Google, Duplicate Content is defined as follows:" Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that
It is now official. Google will shut down Google + on April 2, 2019. That means you have a few months to export all your data from G+ before it is gone for good. So, if you have any Google + pages you created, you better go get them before they are gone for good.Here is a great article for how to export your data from G+ before April 2nd: am personally very disappointed that this is happening. I like G+. Oh well, there is plenty of
January 24, 2019
I subscribe to the searchenginejournal website because they provide really valuable up to date SEO information and a lot more. The article below is one I read on their site this morning and it is too important not to share with all my WA friends. It is not an affiliate link, just a link so you can go read this article. I think it is very useful for all here to read. Let me know if you agree.
Yesterday, I created my second Facebook page for my second website, which will promote WA and provide product reviews of lots of online business stuff. Previously I have only achieved four starter referrals in about four months. After creating my new Facebook page, I already have four more, overnight.So, does having a Facebook page related to and linked to your site help with traffic and in my case, WA starter referrals? Clearly the answer is a resounding YES!On top of that, my MMO site traffic