Frustrated with Terrible Comments on My Articles!

Last Update: June 15, 2019

I am writing a lot of articles for both my sites, so I request a lot of comments. It is very clear to me that most people are barely going through the motions and don't really read the entire article.

I know this because they make comments that have nothing to do with the article. They ask questions that are clearly answered in the article. Some people talk about themselves and don't say anything about the article.

And I am sad to say that many of the comments are grammatically incorrect and so many spelling errors. Come on people, proofread you comments. I have to edit so many comments to make them comprehensible and that takes time away from other things I need to be doing on my sites.

Please go back to the training and really learn how to do high quality comments. It helps you and me.

Here is the best training:

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Marlasmith Premium
I have to agree with you. I really struggle with approving many of my comments. Maybe about half of them are good.
chender684 Premium
Wow, half is even worse than mine. Hopefully yours will get better.
RAFStuart Premium
Interesting post, just started to really get comments, but found them so far to be of great value to me, hope that your soon improve.
chender684 Premium
You are a lucky man.
RAFStuart Premium
Just hope that it stays that way. lol.
GauravGaur Premium
Hi, Curtis.
I make sure to write my comment on word page and then copy/paste on the comment portal. In this way, it is checked by Grammarly for all the mistakes.

Sometimes I get the topic totally irrelevant to my interests like drone carriers or camera tripods or characters of a novel, I feel helpless. But when I read that article out of compulsion I am able to write a lot of stuff in comments.
So yes, We must read the article fully before attempting for comments.
Presently I am having 95% Approval Rate and 0% Skip Rate out of 130 comments written in last 15 days.
Is it Good indicator or I need to improve in commenting?
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
chender684 Premium
Sounds like your are doing the right things Gaurav. Good idea to first do comments in word so you can check grammar and spelling.
1Summer Premium
I can certainly emphathize!

There is no excuse for improper grammar and/or spelling errors, particularly when there are tools available to help us with our spelling and grammar. Though I do understand that when we write comments from our phones, phones do have a tendency of inserting it's two-cents...this easily ends up in misspellings and other WILD grammatical errors!

It's best to write comments from our desktops/laptops, but not our phones for that reason...

We are in the writing business whether directly or indirectly and when we don't take an extra minute or two to re-read our posts or correct our misspellings and other grammar peccadilloes we send out the wrong message of who we are...

We need to spend a little more time to check our spelling and grammar!

Have a good weekend!

chender684 Premium
I agree, make comments from a platform that is easy to use and doesn't auto correct and do bad things.
Sam-K Premium
Yep , i faced that before .
And , actually i was writing bad comments myself when i was a beginner.
A way out of this dilemma is that i edit the comments myself and change them , correct them , and add to them .
That's it
chender684 Premium
Good job Sam for correcting your errors. Hopefully more people will follow your example.