My Two Month Progress Report

Last Update: June 25, 2019

Hi everyone! It has been two months here at WA and I am working on the fourth course. My website has been created and I have nearly 20 pages of content so far with most being indexed on Google and some small traffic numbers so far (we're talking under 10 per day at this point average). I have had days where the traffic spikes and days where it is zero but it is mostly consistent. I have a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account for my website as well and I am working to post on those daily.

All of the courses here at WA have been truly informative in getting me to this point. At two months, I am still a newbie so I am working to correct my mistakes and improve my content one blog at a time. My website is sort of a personal shopper type blog, I locate unique and helpful items around the web and do some comparison shopping on bigger products people are looking for according to my keyword research. I have also taken a few suggestions from readers who are looking for something specific and done some personal shopping for them and written blogs on those.

I haven't made any income yet, which I think is pretty normal (right?) but I am thinking the more content I add, the more I promote on social media the time will come that those dollars start to show up. I am trying to have patience but I admit, I check my analytics page daily just to watch the numbers. The most helpful thing I have done on WA (aside from taking the courses and becoming a Premium member) would be requesting site feedback. The comments requests are great because they boost my pages, however the site feedback was so incredibly important for me because it showed me things about my site that I hadn't considered. I was so focused on posting as much content as possible, I didn't realize I had missed a couple of steps on setting up my site. I also didn't realize it was not very user friendly in some areas. I made some big and small changes according to the suggestions of those that reviewed my site and I am super happy with the results.

Setting up a website was scary for me because I am not good at that kind of thing. But, the more I played with it and learned what this button and that button does, the better I got with it. I am still completely dumb at designing websites but I think with the help of my WA community, I was able to learn the basics and I will (hopefully) build on that in the ccoming months. If I could suggest one thing to you after going Premium and setting up your site, it is to ask for site feedback. It was the best thing I could do for my site. Here's to a great rest of the year and good luck to you all!

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RDulloo Premium
Awesome progress, Chasnea. You seem to be going in the right direction with everything and leveraging the resources at WA to do that.

And yes, for most people, 2 months in the game is still early especially as a newbie. I didn't make my first sale until 10 months into WA but then, my niche is pretty competitive too.

So don't give up! The money will eventually come. You're focusing on all the right things right now to make that happen. Focusing on content is the best!

Wishing you great success!