Completed my third course!

Last Update: May 08, 2019

Super excited to have gotten this far and have a website with several articles of content. I am only showing a few visitors a day so far but at least it's consistent! I am hoping to continue this way and keep getting more and more traffic as time goes on. I am ok with slow and steady but would love to see a big increase at some point.

I am hoping to get some insight into how to personalize my website a little more with the next course and understand a bit more about how to drive traffic towards my site. I also have some questions about affiliate links such as how many is too much and what is the best way to include them in my posts since I have a site that finds and reviews items on the internet.

I will say that if I don't find my answers in the course training, there are always many, many of you out there at WA that never fail to answer all my questions. You all are the best, for sure!

Wishing you all a great month!

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PastorDre Premium
You are making progress and keep up the good work at your pace.
AlexEvans Premium
You are making good progress, Chasnea, and best wishes as you continue with the training.