One of My Product Reviews Earn Me Passive Income

Last Update: May 22, 2016

First of all, I not working online business full time. Just part time that I schedule to write my reviews and other online business model. It is tough and tiring juggle both full time job and my online business. But there is no other way to do it, no short cut.

One of my site is WA bootcamp, follow the training step by step. You will know that WA review is the main recommend of online business education. But there other online business model that is legit that you can recommend. So I written one back in August 2015 last year. It just a write and forget like other reviews. It turn out to be a recurring bonus for me.

You can see on Feb this year I score a big one. It pay me more than the hours I do overtime with my full time job.

WA training is here for you but if you don't try to do it, the training is just material. My WA rank is 800+ which I simply do not mind at all. Most important is I learn from the training and make it reality.

The commission come in handy and started to hire VA to do reserach and write some other articles for me. Free up my time and I can do other things.

I can't achieve by doing this alone. I never forget this person who bring me in to WA. He is a friend, buddy and also my mentor Pribs.

He never turn down any question I buzz him, he reply to me as soon as he can. Not just a yes or no answer but he drill down to the roots where he can find what went wrong in my site and how can be improve. Thanks Pribs!

I also bring along my partner Rizal who help in email marketing. Build a list slowly which almost reaching 100 subscriber.

I can do it, so can you.

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pribs Premium
Cena, this is AWESOME news! One of my favorite aspects of this business is that I occasionally forget about a post or article I wrote promoting something due to being focused on other aspects of my business, and then I login someday and see that I've made a few hundred or over a thousand dollars! Without even realizing it!

This is such great news, and I love seeing you continue to rise after all of the time and effort you've put in. I know I was the reason you found WA, but YOU are the one that never gave up no matter how many times you felt helpless or defeated by the process.

cena1975 Premium
Hey Ian, thanks for the comment! I will conitue to push and get more result like this. You will always be the 1st person to be notify.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Well done Cena, you will be pleased.
cena1975 Premium
Thanks Evan
GaryHelm Premium
Great work Cena

cena1975 Premium
Thanks Gary!
VincentA Premium
Hi Cena, good job. Your post has lifted my spirit this morning.
cena1975 Premium
Thanks Vincent.
JudeP Premium
Wow, well done Cena :)
cena1975 Premium
Thanks Jude