Motivation and Distraction

Last Update: April 16, 2018

Hello to my wealthy affiliate family,

Today I want to talk about motivation and distraction. I believe that in order to work and run a business from home motivation is a must. Getting distracted can be very easily done when you are sitting at home trying to concentrate.

I am going to share a few tips that have helped to keep me focused while trying to write concert working from home.

Finding a Quiet Time and Place

I believe that finding a quiet workspace is very important in order to concentrate. There may be certain times of the day which are better to concentrate than others. A good example of this could be waking up early when everybody else in the household is asleep or possibly working late and there is nobody around to distract you.

For those who have children or family members running in and out of the house, I know that you can relate and how noisy and distracting things can get. I personally like to wake up early and try to get all my tasks done and dedicate a few hours toward my business before things get hectic.

Everybody may have a different schedule or different hours when they would like to do things but the main thing is that you have a quiet place to focus on your business so that you can have as much concentration as possible.

Cutting Off Distractions

Cutting off distractions can help you get a lot done a lot faster. Doing this is something that has helped me the most as far as concentrating on my business goes. When I say cutting of distractions, I am talking about turning off your cell phone or simply putting it in a different room.

My cell phone is always ringing and I am always getting text messages which I respond to which sidetracks me from working on my business and creating content. There has been times where I have had tasks to complete that should've been done within an hour yet it took me several hours because I kept looking at my phone and this is unacceptable.

Another distraction is the television. I used to have a television on while working on my business so I can glance over for times that I want to take a little break, however it caused nothing but more distractions and made me lose focus on my main goal.

so I would advise everyone to turn the television off and keep your phones away and to just focus on creating content and building your website in peace.

Social Media (When Not Marketing)

Social media can also be a big distraction when focusing on building your website. I say this because I would always keep a Facebook tab open while working on my website.

I would always see notifications of somebody messaging me which would lead me to check my mail, which led to me getting involved on Facebook to see what everybody else is doing which sidetracked me from my work big time.

This was happening a lot so I decided to close all my social tabs while working on my business. However social media is still a great way to market our businesses, so my advice on this matter would be to keep the social tabs closed unless you are marketing or working toward your business goals.

I thank you all For taking the time to read this post. I hope that some of you can benefit from using these tips to focus more on building your business. These things that I have cut off and put to the side while working has helped me progress at a much faster pace.

Thank you all again and I wish the best of luck to you all.


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buffetearns Premium
Excellent tips and advice Chris!

I wrote something on distractions yesterday, not as practical as yours and a slightly different concept!

Excellent Post thanks!

manne13666 Premium
Yes, indeed. I find my computer to be a distraction, which is why I have a work laptop, as I like playing computer games and a quick 30-minute play turns into 3 hours.

I turn my phone to silent when I'm working so that nothing can distract me, as well.

Take care.
JillAlexaVA Premium
My word Chris, You are so right. Also turn off phone. I feel I am not that important that I need to have the phone on all the time. What did we do before mobile phones. If we weren't home, we just missed the call.
Cdelahoz Premium
That's right. We sure did just miss the call.
Steven-A Premium
It's a double edge sword. There are more distractions in some ways and less in others. No other colleagues are going to stop in your office and talk about their weekend for 30 or 40 minutes. And, I find that I work longer without breaks at home once if focus in on a task. Not to mention early in the morning, late at night, and weekends. Going back to an office would be a break!
Cdelahoz Premium
Yes I feel the same way Steven. I also find that I work longer and am more productive without breaks once I get focused.
haddish1954 Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience! The distractions are pretty similar in every house; will follow your advice!
Cdelahoz Premium