Do I need to replace my amazon links?

Do I need to replace my amazon links?

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My Amazon associates account has reached 180 days without a sale, and I have reapplied since the account rejected. Does this mean my old links still work, or do I need to go th

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If the same affiliate account is reinstated, your links still work. If they give you a new subset of links and new account, then you will have to alter them site wide.

It just depends on the outcome of what happens with your reapplication.

Okay, I had to reenter my tax and bank information as well as create a new account, so that means I have to go replace all of them. Thank you!

When you do need to replace bulk links? take a look at this training of Nathaniell

Thank you very much, I will check it out!

You aren't alone, unfortunately this happens to many members.

I heard so much about this and ended up not going through with Amazon after they accepted me. I declined an email they sent me after 3 months of not using them.

I wrote this blog post about it and there are many comments there with different experiences.

You have to find another affilitate program or network. I wouldn't bother to reapply back it's not worth it.

Hopefully some of these comments will help you.

Thank you very much! This does help a lot. I have promoted several products through Amazon, however, it is only 4. Do you have any recommendations as to other programs I could promote from, or should I start coming up with my own products/services?

You are welcome.

I use ShareASale Network. They have a huge list of merchants there to choose for your niche. I use 3 merchants there. 2 for my women's line and one for my men's.

You can also do a Google search by entering your niche + affiliate and a list comes up. You can check each of them out.

If you do have your own products and services of course you can do that AND have an affiliate program also.

It's a good thing you only have 4 Amazon products to replace!
Most have a website full of them.

I think the link may still work but you will not get commission for any sales since your account is deemed cancel.

We will all need to find out this one. Thanks for asking.

I still am not sure. When I click on my review links, they still bring me to Amazon. As far as converting, I have no idea. I would say that since they are linked to a specific Amazon associates account, they may not convert if the html code is specific to the account. Then again, when we reapply, we have the same tax and bank information. So I am not sure.

Thanks for asking this. I had this same question when I got a notice today that I'm about to reach the deadline with no sales.

I need to be refreshed on this also Christopher!

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Was my sitecomment responded to or seen?

Was my sitecomment responded to or seen?

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Everything Wordpress

When I give comments through sitecomments, or receive comments on my site and I respond to them, how do I know that the other person has responded to my comment? Or how do I kn

On the same page where you click to give comments, you will see a list of comments you've given and whether approved or declined.
If it's a topic of interest I always go back to see response to my comments.
You will also see the comments you've requested for so far.
Hope this helps.

It does help, I will be sure to do that. Thank you!

Good Morning Christopher,

When you give a comment here on WA to earn points so then to have the right to receive one that is all manual. You go back to Site Health and can look at what comments you have given and also the ones you have received.
I think it is good to read the reply of a website owner because you can reply to that and this time leave your website. Like this, you start a little conversation. I have done that a couple of times and those people were surprised and liked it.
Now when you receive a comment directly on your website it is advisable you have this plugin. Comment Approved Notifier Extended. The person who has left the comment on your website will be notified that you replied. Personally, I think it is a courtesy thing, that person will feel special and you can have a more personal contact.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thank you. I will go through and look at the comments that I have given and check out their responses. I have also installed that plugin. Thank you very much!

I actually receive an email telling me that I have a comment from someone.

I thought that would happen too, but it never has.

I have not received any notification either. When I give a comment on another site and I want to see what the owner of the site responded, I go back (manually) to his/her site to see. I imagine that the same happens with people who leave comments on my site.
That has been my experience so far. If any other fellow member has a better way to track comments, I would like to learn it also. :)

Thank you, I just figured there was some kind of notifier since we give out our email. But I guess not.

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Can I do social media marketing for other businesses?

Can I do social media marketing for other businesses?

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Local Marketing

I would like to get into the realm of digital media marketing for local businesses, and since I can host 25 sites through WA, I was wondering if that would be the smart choice,

You can use the websites and platform you have allotted here for clients. We have many local markers here wealthy affiliate, that manage their entire businesses hear from within the platform. So by all means, go for it!

Awesome, thank you!

I think that is very smart,and it would also perhaps help Wealthy Affiliate:)

Thank you, and I agree!

I can't see why you couldn't do it. I think you wouldn't be the first to do it and if you got really big and had more than 25 sites I suppose you could just take out another membership with WA!

That is a good notion, is there a reason for 25 sites max? Meaning like why the number 25, why not 10 or 50?
Thank you!

As far as I know you should be able to do this.
They would be your sites and you decide what you are going to promote or sell on them.
You are allowed to add users to your sites as well and as long as you trust them there shouldn't be a problem.

Hmm, I did not know I could add users. I would be wary, but if it got too busy, I might add someone to help manage them.
Thank you!

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What happened to my rank?

What happened to my rank?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Not that this is the biggest concern, but I am curious. This morning when I logged in, I was ranked 924, and now it spiked to 2,375. all 4 of the categories have a line through

You've been framed!

lol, what do you mean?

It's happened to me too. Spiked from 1186 to 2353 as I write.

It'll take a couple days but it will even out. I dropped down to 1887 now.

Let's wait for WA to fix everything if this is not yet the final ranking.

I agree it will even out over time.


Well, drat. And here I thought I was being just totally awesome because I was promoted to the top 200!

You still are awesome, keep working for it!

There wasa recent update to the algorithm they are using for ranks from now one. Carson blogged about it here so alot of ppls ranks got moved around

Thanks for the clarity, that makes sense and seems to be a much better system!

yes it is funny all this happens at the time of the eclipse. is there a connection?

There just might be. In the link above posted by autumn56, it said that there was a glitch where some people got ambassadorship when they weren't rank 25. Synchronicity?

I believe there is a connection. I've been meaning to do the post I made today for awhile and here It went into the forum shortly before Carson's announcement!

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New website for single product?

New website for single product?

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Website Development & Programming

I am looking to create a simple website that would advertise one or two products, allow people to purchase through paypal. I have been looking at other hosting, website builder

Yes, you can do it here at WA. A niche site and an authority site is being built here.

Start here.

Thank you!

This looks good, will keep it.

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