To blog or not to blog, that is the question!

Last Update: July 29, 2018

Do I have anything worthwhile to say?

When you get to the end of your second block of WA training, Kyle urges you to write your first WA blog post. YIKES!

I'm brand new like them new $3000 Jordans! I don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to contribute to a community of successful online business owners. I can't possibly relate to anyone on a level that they will walk away with anything helpful.

Or can I? This is the exact mindset that kept myself, and I am sure so many others from taking the leap into the online business world for years. I can't do that. Who would buy this? I don't have the time to commit to this. The fear statements go on and on and on.

Everyone can relate to this in one part of their life or another. Whether the fear is in asking that pretty girl on the bus out, or hitting "go premium" and just jumping in with both feet, it's there.

If you don't believe, who will?

I have no fear when it comes to my work. I will have people around me telling me my idea for the latest makeover on a piece of furniture is crazy, and telling me their vision. I forge right ahead anyway and get rave reviews when I'm done. So why not put that same faith and belief in myself when it comes to making money in a business.

We are all afraid of the "no". Whether that no is in the form of not getting likes on your Facebook page, no comments on your recent blog post, or no responses to your most recent Pinterest pins. Rejection stinks. No matter the form. But to be successful in business you have to find a way to push forward and over come that fear. Write the next blog post, run another promotion on Facebook to get more page fans. Take the next step forward.

Utilize the tools in your toolbox

My most valuable tool in my online business is the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. We have so many tools at our disposal that the only reason for failing is simply not doing the work.

Forget about the amazing training available to all premium members, the phenomenal website building and management tools, and SEO. Forget not having to concern yourself with managing multiple mailboxes and sites and having everything related to your website located in one location. Use the OTHER sledgehammers in your toolbox!

Utilize the different message boards to begin getting traffic to your website or blog. Post your links for Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to the message boards to build your network. Put the work in and follow those business owners back.

Utilize the feedback tools to not only receive feedback, but to provide it to others. This can be a very valuable resource in your growth. Not only will you get honest feedback on how others view your information and their suggestions on how to improve it. But you also get the opportunity to see how others are doing and to offer feedback as well. Now, you not only have gotten great feedback, you walk away with ideas on how to improve, and you hopefully have added to your overall network.

Lastly, utilize chat! I have had several questions since I started. I have gotten multiple answers almost immediately with resources when you need them. This community cheers you on every step of the way!

There is zero chance of failure when you use the right tools for the job.

We all have something to say

So there you have it. My first WA blog post! Looks like I had quite a bit to say!

Hopefully this blog post is helpful to that new member that is in their trial, wondering if this can really work for them. Wondering if this is the right resource for success. The answer is YES!

Subscribe to Premium! You will have every resource you need to be successful available to you and the only limitation will be your fear. Take the leap and come on in. The water's fine.

Until next WA!

Tina Cyphers

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JTowsley Premium
Such a great post! Well written and easy to read. I have a feeling that your posts on your site are going to be great.
RobFore Premium
Very transparent and authentic which is exactly what will make this post extremely valuable to a lot of the members of this community. Sharing the trials & triumphs. Gotta love it. You've got this... obviously!
Ccyphers280 Premium
Thank you! I totally did NOT follow the assignment outline to the letter, but this felt natural.
Ccyphers280 Premium
I meant to say until next time WA! I swear I utilized the spelling and grammar tool. It's just been one of those days, and I can't figure out how to edit the post!