I'm so Excited, Position 1 in Google!

Last Update: July 10, 2018

I'M SO EXCITED!! I learned something new! I've been struggling with the training for almost 2 months now and didn't realize that one of my niche posts was on page 1, position 1 on Google. Imagine that, thank you Wendy Sue for sharing your post about being in the first position on Google, Bing, & Yahoo. It helped me to go out and look to see where my stuff was at.

I am also a bit scared too as my website is very blank at the moment. I'm still on Level 2, lesson 7 and struggling with a few things. I'm afraid that I'm not retaining half the stuff I'm learning but I just keep plugging alone.

I do like reading all the posts and such as they keep me motivated and I even learn a few things along the way.

All you newbies out there (like me) keep on with the training and I'm sure before we know it we will be having the same success stories.

My apoligies if this is not the right kind of stuff for "blogging" or "posting". I am still trying to figure things out!


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Kerjackie Premium
Congratulations, Cynthia, to have been, already being in the first position, keep learning, the step by step process, don't skip any course, set your long-term goal.
I wish you all the success.
mmonterola Premium

beachwood Premium
Awesomeness! Keep on keepin' on!
Marlasmith Premium
Great job.
MikeC69 Premium
That is completely awesome Cynthia!
Don't worry about your website being blank as much as it being done the right way. And it sounds like you are getting the "right way part" done correctly so far! Follow the training and don't jusmp ahead. Things are laid out systematically so to speak.
For instance Kyle will tell you at various points to create a post implementing something you have been taught. Then in another lesson he will tell you how to optimize a part of content you have made.
I skipped way ahead because "I knew what I was doing after a few posts". LOL ! No I didn't!
I had to baktrack and make wholesale changes to 10 or 15 posts instead of one or two the way it's laid out! That was like pulling chicken's teeth!
After I did these types of things several times, I learned to follow along until the certification training ends. Then go crazy with content!
Just this weekend I asked one of the really awesome ambassadors to look over a few posts on my website that now has over 40 peices of content in various subjects. This person kindly pointed out a multitude of embarrassing mistakes! I am spending this weekend fixing things that I missed by watching half a video and deciding I got it, and in a hurry to have a complete website full of content instead of a quality one!
I learn quite a few things the hard way, and I like to share it with others so they (you) don't ,make the same mistakes.
I have refered to myself as the Wealthy Affiliate crash test dummy for 2 reasons. 1- I seem to be a great example to people how not to do certain things.2- I'm very hard headed and have to learn somethings the hard way! LOL
Sorry for writinhg a book on your blog! I seem to have that issue as well !LOL

The very best of success !
CCGO Premium
Thank you four comments. I'm glad to know someone read it and I'm trying not to jump ahead, I just get confused as to how many post I'm supposed to have by now. LOL