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July 20, 2018
I've reached the end of Level 2! I'm pretty sure it has taken me longer than most of you out there. I've had many struggles so far but I'm bound and determined to hang in there, and so should you! I'm sure I'll look back someday and find that I made things harder than they were supposed to be, but that's me.If you're just getting started, DON'T GIVE UP. It may be a roller coaster ride now but I'm sure you'll get it.If you've already figured things out, then I'm thanking you now for helping t
I'M SO EXCITED!! I learned something new! I've been struggling with the training for almost 2 months now and didn't realize that one of my niche posts was on page 1, position 1 on Google. Imagine that, thank you Wendy Sue for sharing your post about being in the first position on Google, Bing, & Yahoo. It helped me to go out and look to see where my stuff was at. I am also a bit scared too as my website is very blank at the moment. I'm still on Level 2, lesson 7 and struggling with a few