Newbie preem!

Last Update: October 15, 2018

I've taken the leap and upgraded to the premium club! Partially because I'm willing to put in the work that is required for success and partly due to the fact I believe in WA, it's directors and the wonderful community., (*and my starter pack was running out haha)

Here's to a wonderful and successful road ahead and I really look forward to meet meeting you all along the way.


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ExpatMark Premium
Congrats, you will not be disappointed in WA. Best of luck to you.
LadyGrimz Premium
That' super awesome, welcome Clare! <33
Bibian2 Premium
Hi, Welcome on Board.
It's really a good step towards success,,, Yea. I found Wealthy Affiliate, which has given me a goal in life, community support and invaluable knowledge and training that I needed as I was completely new to the online world and most of all the flexibility ! I feel even the WA Premium membership is worth every penny!

So, cheers!
Loes Premium
Cheers Clare, congrats!