1st Course Completion wah hoo!

Last Update: October 17, 2018

Hi Guys! (and Gals), ...FYI: "guys" is not gender biased, I'm Irish so you'll hear me saying that a lot so please do not feel offended :)

Just finished the first course, I know I am far far away from completion or truthfully any full understanding but it is certainly a step in the right direction and I am seriously enjoying studying again (with the outlook on making plenty of moola heehee (that's money) and communicatiing with the WA community, you GUYS are all amazing, and already so many followers, I'll be taking you up when you said I'll be in touch, I'm a woman of my word!

I've definitely learned alot, I'm sure I've made a few errors, like completely losing my first post and privacy page, oops..but you were there to my aid thank you!

Here's to more learning and great success, health and wealth to you all!

Vi Ses!


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Kyle Premium
Amazing, nice work on your progress thus far. You are doing great Clare!
scottyb2good Premium
Hey Clare ! Good start. I hope the future holds bright ideas for you. I've never lost a post but have other sins I did that would equal that. WE all Do. I take my time on the courses cause you would think I'm very dumb from how many times I repeat some. But once I get it, I Get IT !...............Scotty B ♫
davehayes Premium
Excellent work well done and keep it up
maxlimblog Premium
Congrats CB86, keep up the excellent job.
CB86 Premium
Thank you! Hope all is working well for you too heavencold!