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Hi Guys! (and Gals), ...FYI: "guys" is not gender biased, I'm Irish so you'll hear me saying that a lot so please do not feel offended :)Just finished the first course, I know I am far far away from completion or truthfully any full understanding but it is certainly a step in the right direction and I am seriously enjoying studying again (with the outlook on making plenty of moola heehee (that's money) and communicatiing with the WA community, you GUYS are all amazing, and already so many follo
October 15, 2018
I've taken the leap and upgraded to the premium club! Partially because I'm willing to put in the work that is required for success and partly due to the fact I believe in WA, it's directors and the wonderful community., (*and my starter pack was running out haha)Here's to a wonderful and successful road ahead and I really look forward to meet meeting you all along the way.Clare
October 13, 2018
Hi everyone! My first blog on here! (first blog full stop unless I include social media posts, private journals and a few private blogs I managed to encrypt so successfully even I can't find them myself anymore!), really!Keeping an update on progress at Wealthy Affiliate seems like a positive and great way to have touch with other members and basically get to know and support each other better. I'm still finding my feet here and having the support of the already established community as well as