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I am at the end of my first month here and have truly enjoyed it, even those frustrating times. I have found working my way through the hard ones just makes me smarter. I go through my emails from WA daily, and noticed the more I follow the more emails I am getting. Each email has a link with new posts and answers to question. I have found this to be very helpful as I am learning a lot with that alone not to mention the great lessons here. If you are a new members, I highly recommend you to sta
I am happy to say I just finished up with course 1 and I'm taking a small brake. Well not really, just not moving on to the next lesson until I do some more work on my site. At first I was trying to rush to get it done but as I move forward I now see that a website is never really finished. It's a continuing piece of work in progress. I am so impressed with the lessons here and the help I get from others. Looking forward to starting course 2, if anyone has time please take a look at my site an
It didn't take me long after joining WA that i knew i wanted to upgrade to get as much information as this site has to offer. I am so excited to get this going!!!!So far i have found more help here than in any other program i have joined in the past 10 years, and believe me i have joined a lot of stuff! I will be spending time each day learning more and more and getting to know more of the wonderful people here. Well that's it for now, i will be posting my progress so wish me luck!