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January 08, 2017
I hope your Holidays were great, mine were wonderful. My son and husband took vacation time and my grandson Noah was out of school for 2 weeks. It was so nice to have everyone home while we got ready for the holidays. I also took time off from all my online work and enjoyed all the time I got to spend with my family. The holidays have always been a very special time for me as I know they are for most of us. I was totally out of my daily routine and it was kinda nice. But now it's time to get b
Well, don't think about it for too long!This is for those of you who have not yet purchased your own domain name for your website. When I first started here about six months ago I hesitated to spend more money on purchasing a domain. I kept asking myself "do I really want to invest more money into this being I am already spending $47 a month?" Once I finally realized that WA was definitely the real deal I committed myself 100% to building a successful website by following all the lessons here.
December 10, 2016
From my experience here so far I have found that you can get a bit overwhelmed if you start trying to implement too many ideas into your site before it's ready. I try to stick with my lessons and only do what I am being taught to do but sometimes I find myself drifting off course and following others. Only to realize I just wasn't ready to do this. The internet is full of tools to help us get our sites ranked high in search engines so I have been relying on the experience of other members here
November 28, 2016
I have been thinking about this all week and finally did it! I took advantage of the Black Friday deal, yeah! I am so happy I made this decision and excited to see what this year will bring. I have learnt so much in the past few months, can only imagine where I will be in a year from now. I want to take this time to thank everyone who has helped me and hope your Holidays are full of love,fun,friends and family!To your success,
November 09, 2016
I keep reading posts and blogs about all the things that Wealthy Affiliates IS, did you ever stop to think about the things that Wealthy Affiliates is NOT?Wealthy Affiliates is NOT a get rich quick program!Wealthy Affiliates is NOT a ponzi scheme!Wealthy Affiliates is NOT for slackers!Wealthy Affiliates is NOT a place to spam people!Wealthy Affiliates is NOT for rude people!So there you have it, those are some of the things Wealthy Affiliates is NOT! Thanks for reading, hope you have a purrrrrf
I just had to take a break from working on my websites to share with all my WA friends some of the feelings you may get while building a website. I am currently building two sites and I try to stay in my routine of adding new post every day, I take turns with my sites. Well today was supposed to be my day to work on An Income 4 All but when I logged in I received several new comments on my other site " The Traffic Exchange Explained" and I felt they needed to be addressed. As I was replying to
Hi everyone,Hurricane Matthew has come and gone here in Florida. It left behind a lot of devastation, my prayers go out to everyone who was affected. It was a scary time here in my house. The light kept flickering and we heard a lot of transformers blowing. My front and back yard are covered with leaves and branches, luckily none did any damage to our home or cars as so many did. My internet was out and is now finally working normally. I'll be spending the next few days trying to get caught up
I am writing this post to thank everyone who is following me. The amount that I have learnt from everyone here is just amazing. Not only am I learning but I am building confidence in myself to keep going no matter how long it takes to make that first sale. The support here from it's members is by far the best I have ever been involved with, and believe me I have been involved with a lot of programs over the past ten years of working online. Since I joined WA, I have never been stuck (for long),
I was very intimidated when I joined WA, I loved to write but sucked when it came to grammar and spelling. Back in school I would get good grades on my writing but was always handed back my paper covered with RED pen marks correcting my grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, back then we didn't have spellcheck or anything to help with grammar. Wow have things changed, now I can write and have my spelling automatically checked for errors. But what about my grammar? Well, I was still struggling wit
August 18, 2016
For the past month I have been dealing with a lot of family issues and my time online has been very limited. My daughter was in a bad situation and needed me to help her get out of it. This has been very stressful and made it hard for me to concentrate let alone wright about something. I was even thinking of cancelling my membership here at WA. I would try to log in often to check on my site but didn't do much more than that. A few days ago a post caught my attention, as I was reading it I saw