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First I would like to wish a Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!Yes, I know the title should be The Tortoise and The Hare but being it is Easter time Bunny fit better lol!Remember the speedy Bunny who bragged about how fast he could run. And the Tortoise who never, ever stopped until he came to the finish line?I remind myself of this story every time I feel like I'm not progressing fast enough with my websites. It helps me to realize that I do not need to rush through the lessons or ru
April 07, 2017
My dog just woke me up to go outside so I thought I would check on things at WA while I waited for her to get done. Low and behold I was awarded a badge for being in the top 200. I am very proud to have received this and thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.WOOHOO, I made it into the Top 200!Have a fantastic Friday,
Hi everyone,When it comes to getting the job done, do you try to get around the hurdles by taking the easy route?Or do you give it all you got to jump the hurdles?If you want to succeed here at WA do not try to get around the things you are having a hard time with. Every step in the lessons here is an important part of building your business. Don't skip any of them. Go over them again and again until you can jump the hurdle then move on to the next one.Whenever you feel like giving up remind yo
March 25, 2017
Hi everyone,I have been reading a lot of posts about Yoast lately and decided to give it a try on my new site. Wow, am I impressed with all it has to offer. I am still learning how to use it all to get the most out of it and I'm finding that this tool goes above and beyond what I thought it would do. I can only assume that Kyle recommends the All in One so new members don't concentrate so much on keywords, meta tags, and all that other gobbledegook. But if you have been here for a while and hav
I'm talking about when you leave a comment on a website through Comment Offers and Requests here on WA and the site owner replies to your comment. If you don't it may be a good idea to start reading them especially if you asked a question. When I reply to comments I always answer any questions and sometimes ask a question myself but rarely do I ever get a response. So I am assuming that the majority are not reading my replies. Replying to the reply of the comments you leave on other sites leads
March 02, 2017
Hi to all my WA Friends,As I begin my 8th month here I am still amazed at all that I am learning and all that I have learned. I am now building two websites and have plans for my third. It will be my very favorite one as it will be about what I love most and that is helping people to take care of their pets. I have over 30 years experience as a pet groomer so I'm sure I will be able to help many. I could of never done all of this without Wealthy Affiliates and this wonderful community. I want t
February 24, 2017
I just found this new free add-on for your browser and I had to share it with the WA community. It is called Affilitizer and will help you find affiliate programs. All you have to do is type a word into Google search and It will show you every affiliate program associated with that word. It's really cool!https://www.affilitizer.comHave a great weekend,
How many times has he visited you? If you haven't met him yet be prepared, he's bound to show up sooner or later.I have now been building my sites for six months and every once in awhile I get a visit from Mr. Writers Block. I had to teach myself how to get rid of him and would like to share them with you. I start by giving some comments and/or feedback on other members websites. I found that by looking at other peoples sites that it gives me a few new idea. I will also put a few of my niche re
Hi happy WA'ers, time for me to share some more of my personal WA experiences with you.It all started last week when I just happened to look at one of my older posts and noticed that some of the images weren't loading. After searching for a solution I decided to ask for help and found out it was due to the change over from http to https. What I had to do was delete all those images and reupload them. While I was searching I found a very helpful lesson on adding text to your images to get better
January 20, 2017
If you are new to Wealthy Affiliates I would like to share a few tips that I have learned from my own experience here. I have been here a little over 6 months now which isn't very long compared to some of our other well-knowledged members, but it is long enough to know how this works and what to expect.Tip #1 - This is not a get rich program. The lessons here are designed to help you build your very own online business. This takes time, dedication, and patience.Tip #2 - Do not rush through the