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Welcome to WA Patrick! There is a lot of opportunity in front of you and I am sure you will do well. We are glad to have you aboard.
Hi Patrick and welcome to WA
Sherion Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA!
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Welcome to the WA family
caton82 Premium
My name is Patrick and I am completely new to internet marketing. And this is a departure for me: for most of my adult life I made my living as a sailor and boat-builder. I helped build a tall ship, the Providence, a replica of the first ship in the continental American navy and a command of John Paul Jones. I helped build 12-meter sailboats for America's Cup competition along with numerous racing and cruising sailboats and powerboats. But the recent recession has devastated the boat-building industry and has left me looking about for other challenges, including an authentic way to make a living that will not die away in the next recession. I also love philosophy, another activity unlikely to support me financially anytime soon.

I come to WA much impressed with their wealth of resources and widespread reputation for honesty. It's great to be able to have faith in your sources and enjoy one-stop shopping. But I am a long way from being a tekkie and anticipate a real challenge in getting up to speed in this new arena. Nothing to do but buckle down and try not to cry for help too often...