Completed the first part of the training! Learned so much :)

Last Update: June 16, 2019

They often say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, but these steps are awesome. I figured out the concept of researching keywords very quickly and this site offers so much in terms of stuff that I'm in love with working with blogging. While this might be all about making money down the road, I think I can use this to make websites on things that I love.

With my Warhammer niche the broad majority of content is lore and Games Workshop but there is actually very little on anyone using the products in a personal way and how they can be used by the customer. I looked at other niches and ovbiously photogrpahy albiet will be more of a personal project and 3D printing where there is growth. I'm getting the paints out later this morning so I can get a few things added to my content.

I will need to devote more time to this, but it has given me a lot of purpose and sometimes you need that. Writing about something you are in to is what you want to do not just with marketing but with blogging in general. I just need to learn to motiviate myself to deliver what could become a full time project down the road.

I've enjoyed learning stuff and getting to know my way around the community.

Thanks for the welcome and the support.

Have a good Sunday

(The uploaded photo was shot on Friday at a lake at Dungeness, Kent, UK btw)

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firstlearn Premium
Glad you are finding the steps awesome Christopher.

Shellback Premium
Great news...keep after it! Momentum is a good and growing thing.....water it daily!
DarrenNicola Premium
All the best Chris, wishing you the best for the future.
Nice photo, thanks for telling us where you took it.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Chris looks like you are settling into the journey and getting things sorted to move forward.

Best wishes as you continue to explore the WA opportunity.