Planting my first seed to creating an 'at home income'

Last Update: October 13, 2018

Today I decided to go premium.

As I worked my way through the Starter training, I am blown away by the QUALITY of free benefits one gets by just joining WA as a free member. Without having to spend a penny, I gained immediate access to tools + skills + ideas + opportunities that I can immediately act on to start creating a business online. The scope of knowledge and experience contained in WA is V A S T !!! (It is like being enrolled in an Academy for Online Marketing! Finishing the course as a free member, you will end up with a Diploma in online marketing. Upgrading to Premium, you'll work your way towards a Master and PhD!)

If I were a patient person, I may have continued to explore it as a free-for-life member. But I am impatient and eager to learn how to turbo-charge my progress and my earnings.

So have decided to upgrade and then put my WA link out there for anyone to sign up from (hopefully get some paid referrals in), while persevering with the remaining courses and lessons.

So I am documenting this phase of my progress for my future referrals to read up on and hopefully follow suit.

Here's to our journey to success!

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Bayou1 Premium
Hey CathAnon,well done on your decision to go premium.For those serious about this ,there is no other way to approach WA.I joined almost a year ago and don't regret a moment :)).Following seas and fair winds to you.Just message me or others if you get stuck :))
CathAnon Premium
thank you, Bayou ... really appreciate receiving affirmation from someone who has been through the process and still believes in it.
Bayou1 Premium
yes Cath,stick with it and see if its a fit for you but if not keep looking.....but give yourself the chance first to have a good look at it :))