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Do You Add Images To Your Posts?Happy Spring, everyone!I am wondering if most members are adding images to their posts. If not, it is a great idea to start! Of course, having quality content in your articles is imperative, but readers love to see images while reading! Do you? I certainly do and have learned that it is a good idea to add them to your posts.I'm not saying that you should add a photo (image) for every single parargraph ... but it is wise to have a few if your post is, say, 1,2
Hello! I felt compelled to write this post because it can help others who may encounter this situation at some point in the future.This past Friday, we had experienced very hard rain and strong winds. So, we had an outage for 20 hours with our internet provider. Yes, it was tough not being able to get on the internet for 13 hours! (I slept in between, so that's how it equaled 20 total.)So, on Saturday, I received an e-mail notification that I had 19 "Broken Links." I thought to myself, "Oh
February 25, 2018
You may have "broken links" on your website and not know it. I did, and was unaware ... until I installed this cool plugin I learned about.This is a great tool and if you are interested in finding broken links on your website, just install the WordPress plugin: "Broken Link Checker."There are several reasons why links may be broken. It can be because a page is now unavailable or deleted; an image might be missing, etc.When someone clicks on a link from your website, and it does not take them
February 24, 2018
Hello! I was just thinking about something and thought I would share. I am wondering if you will feel that some of the things I mention here resonate with you as well. There are times (I know I feel this way all too often) when I just want to get ALL 'these things' done, and right now!! If we are not zipping through the trainings quickly enough, we feel as though we are not progressing, or if we're not adding lots of content in a short period of time, we're messing up! And this also applies
January 20, 2018
Hi. I've just upgraded to Premium Membership! : )
January 04, 2018
Hi all! I am honored to be here and to learn what is available in these teachings. I recently set up a website but it needs additional tweeking. I am looking forward to setting up another website here, as well. : )