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Last Update: Aug 12, 2022

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Happy Friday to everyone!

This will be a short blog post. A Prince Partha kind of short not a regular short.

Consistent Blogging

I cannot say this enough.

The key to success in Content & Affiliate Marketing is, well, CONTENT!

If you are not writing consistently (every day) and building your content inventory you might as well forget it or implement a different strategy.

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It is not just the number 1 way to achieve success as a Blogger, it is THE ONLY WAY.

Write consistently and build an inventory of quality, fun content.

Yes, I said fun.

You have to enjoy writing your content and your visitors have to enjoy reading it so it should be fun.

Choose 1 Social Media Platform

Then, with your quality inventory in tow, choose ONE - 1 - Social Media (SM) platform.

Prince Partha proves that this is not necessary. However, as I have shared, my business model is a bit different.

After testing out almost all of the SM platforms, I have concluded that spreading yourself too thin is detrimental and will hurt your efforts.

For my professional services firm's website, I chose to build a network on LinkedIn and that has been going very, VERY well.

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This morning, I found this message from a LinkedIn professional in Canada:

And then another, from a fellow professional in Jamaica who also read the blog post I shared yesterday:

There are a total of nine (9) messages waiting for me to respond to this morning, following my posting yesterday afternoon.

I am sure that at least 2 or 3 will generate business opportunities and revenue.

Oh! My Email List is growing too but more on that later.

None of this would happen if I did not first WRITE QUALITY CONTENT.


Recent Comments


I spend more time on Facebook so that’s where I’m going to concentrate on. Previously we’ve been advised that we need to be active on every SM platform we can find, so your comment about not spreading ourselves too thin makes a lot of sense.

I would rather have one slice of bread with nice thick butter than half a loaf with so little butter I can’t even taste it! (I like food analogies)

That is a great analogy, Karen!
Food is universal.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Cassi. You are correct, people want to enjoy what they read, and the more they do enjoy it the more likely they are to continue with us, come back and tell other people.

Even the best content written in a dry boring way will not succeed as well as content that is fun and engaging.


So very well summarized, Alex.

I am finding that the more I release pressure from myself, research keywords effectively and simply "be myself" while writing, the more engagement I receive from my visitors.

Have a great week!


LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals. I am on Pinterest now, and I only focus on that one. I agree, I think it would be spreading myself out too thin and something else would have to be sacrificed, like content? That's no good. I'll just stick with Pinterest for now.

Thanks, Cassi,


That is a good decision, Barbara!


Thanks, Cassi!


Partha doesn't agree on the importance of list building either, but in my view it is the icing on the cake and you are throwing away a substantial amount of money when you don't have at least one list

That's very interesting Catherine, I hope that things are going well for you in Mexico my friend...

Always good Nic

I agree that at least 1 List is beneficial, Catherine.

Currently, I only have 50 email addresses on my list BUT it is proving to be VERY worthwhile.


I am very happy to hear that Catherine..

Every list has to start somewhere. Just an observation, but fifty people on a list who are responsive is better than two thousand people who don't open emails.

Great advice! Thanks Cassie!

You are welcome, Jeff.

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