Prince Partha's Potions' LEARNING CURVES and Growth

Last Update: August 09, 2021

If nothing else, Prince Partha's Potions' learning curves and growth have been very steep these past few days.

I love learning but catching up took some effort.

And just when I thought I had caught up, he published a threatening blog post today.

Nothing beats a good Stilton with a bottle of Chianti but the Prince is pushing the limit here!

The Return to Being Human


Maybe, it was the block of cheese that made him speechless. Whatever it was, I am very thankful because it gave validation to the fact that I have not been paying too much attention to the algorithms.

As instructed by the Prince, I have just been writing as though I am talking to a friend, or 2, over a good bottle, or 2.

Thank you, Ashley, for getting us back on that highway.

The Steepest Learning Curve . . . Ever!

Learning curves usually take us to a place of comfort.

You learn, implement and rest because you get it.

But the Prince defies every tradition and proven theory.

You don't plateau, you bounce!

You don't accelerate, you take quantum leaps!

There really is no time to breathe.

Fast and Furious on Steriods

That is how I have been feeling these past few days.

Thankfully, I am all caught up now. (I do not stay down for long, Partha.)

2 blog posts on my websites today, a bucket full of keywords in my inventory, an e-book for my mailing list and my WA support in action.

It's raining here this afternoon, but I am off to get some weight training done on the roof.

For those of you who have not yet sampled the Prince's Potions, may I suggest that you do so, sooner rather than later?

Just do it! Everything works!!

There are about 4 months until Christmas. That means preparation for Black Friday and the end of 2021.

Give yourself a great head start for 2022!


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CordeliaN Premium
Just when I think I may have the latest potion under my belt, he introduces a whole new level,
I was working on driving traffic and looking and rereading Prince’s Google console theory and then he shows us “SEO mind blown”....

I really need to add a few more hours into my day...make it a 28...

Cassie, Well done you for going up on the roof, it's so easy to simply crash after a hard day writing, filming or editing.....

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Cordelia, I would love a 30 hour day!

I know I have been talking a lot about Partha's Potions but, the truth is, they work!!
From the ease of keyword research and writing to the increase in traffic.

So good!

After a year and a half in C-19 confinement, I am trying to get my body back to how I like it.
Rain or no rain, I am up there. 🙂
It also gives me a little boost to end the day and a great night's rest.

How are you doing?

CordeliaN Premium
Good to hear..

I'm doing ok, I'm actually starting a new job very soon, my last working day in the Prison is Friday 13th! I am sad to be leaving the prison but I am excited about my new role.
Still working in the field of Substance Misuse, but it will be in the community and I will be working with the residents once they have left the prison.
My new role is with my previous employer, (which I am delighted about) they lost the Prison Contract last October and its not been the same since they departed, I was Tupe'd over (think that's how you spell Tupe'd) last October and have become increasingly frustrated with the new team as they stripped the service and Healthcare /Mental Health department, I went part-time in January, but reality dawned in May, I simply can't survive on the PT salary.
My side hustle is not earning enough to sustain my 9-5
I am however very optimistic about YouTube,
So I will continue to build my website and film YT and whatever other income stream I can think of..eventually it will pay off, of that I am sure.

But for now I am starting a new role, which is'nt bad for someone in their early 60's :) I am quite chuffed with myself

Dhind1 Premium
Wow, this year has flown by. 4 months left. It seems like yesterday was January.

All the best.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

The year has flown by, Alex.
Almost to the end.

Zoopie Premium
Very nice.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you, Stephen
Zoopie Premium
Thank you, you have great posts and I always learn something from you. much appreciated. I am having a glass of bodega wine. Lockdown so I can't be fussy. Have a great day.
Jesusfan Premium
Love the diagram, Cassi!

I'm still in the slow beginning phase, but I'm trying to follow Partha's potions and lessons.

I look forward to the bounces and then quantum leaps but that means I need to keep writing (or break if I need to) :)

I love hearing about your journey and how you learn from the Prince.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Lynn, just keep following the Prince and all will be well.

At this stage, building content is all that you should be focused on.
Everything else will happen in time.

Thank you for sharing.
RCanty Premium
Thanks for the motivation!

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome, Canty.

Thank you.