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Last Update: Aug 2, 2022

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Yesterday was a Public Holiday in Trinidad & Tobago.

Although I did get my top priority work done - new blog post for my website, keyword research for this month's article bank - I spent no time on Social Media.

To my surprise, this morning, I saw this in my LinkedIn notification feed.

One of the world's fastest-growing Management Consulting networks featured one of my articles on HR Trends for 2022 from my company's website!

It was right up there with other trending articles in my LinkedIn feed.

A click closer revealed this:

A simple yet effective gesture to help me and my company build more credibility, followers and website traffic.

To say that I am grateful and honoured is putting it mildly.

  • Keep learning.
  • Keep writing.
  • Keep pushing forward.

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Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your blog post, your title caught my eye when I was reading another blog post of yours!

I know we have talked about LinkedIn before, I believe it's a great business platform. I think LinkedIn is underestimated by many business people. I can never understand why Facebook has so much publicity and yet LinkedIn comes over as far more professional.

It's great that you're getting results using LinkedIn, I'm not surprised. I really want to start using LinkedIn more and more. (I am already using LinkedIn.) I believe that you stand a lot more chance of being noticed on LinkedIn and the other platforms when it comes to real business.

Have a great day.


I agree with you, Roy.
LinkedIn is the best platform for business.

I am getting very good results and making solid progress with my business.

Have a good weekend!


Awesome news Cassi!


Thank you, Mike.

Cassi, here is a LinkedIn question. LinkedIn is suggesting that I use "creator" mode, which means my posts would be featured and more visible. I would have followers instead of connections. I am not sure I want to do this. I post 2-3 times per week and have 3500 connections. Do you have an opinion on this?

Those are some good numbers, Richard.

I am at about 1,600 Followers and the same in Connections.
Using 'Creator' mode will get you more exposure and increase your engagement and discovery.

Followers help with that.

It is like most platforms, including WA.
You are rewarded for your content generation which improves their analytics.

If your goal is to increase your visibility, gain credibility and increase your traffic, 'Creator' is the way to go/
If you are looking for business and collaboration, then Connections should be your focus.

Let me know what you decide.


Two questions, Cassie! Would I be able to switch back to "connections" if I wish to later?. And could I still aggressively seek connections in Creator mode? I am seeking clicks (and purchases) from my affiliate links and have built my connections on fitness people - personal trainers, gym owners, nutritionists, etc. I would not want to lose the means to control my connections in this way. There are many thousands more of these people.

Awesome! Not much else to say about! Thanks for the inspiration. I don't always remember to utilize Linkedin!


You are very welcome, Karin.

You should look into Linkedin.
Especially if your niche is business related.
I am having a lot of success there/


Thanks, Cassi. I have an account there but get so busy, that I forget about it...


I know how that goes, Karin.

When I started, I tried to do a little of everything.
Now, I choose the 1 or 2 that work best and reward my efforts the most and I work it/them to the max.

The results show that is the most effective strategy.

Thank you.

You have inspired me to make a post on LinkedIn which I have not done in months!


You should, Karin.
And, let's connect there.

Like every other platform, Linkedin encourages you to create content.
Try to post weekly.


That's great, Cassi!


Thank you, Barbara.

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