My Content & Affiliate Marketing INCOME Just Bought Me A New LAPTOP!

Last Update: June 16, 2022

Still In Start-Up Mode

My transition into building a Content & Affiliate Marketing business began in October 2019, when I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA). However, my drive, determination and attitude are all still in start-up mode.

I will probably stay in that gear for another 2 to 3 years.


Well, I am of the opinion that keeping that rhythm will ensure that I do not lose my hunger or fall off course and lose my way.

I am on a Mission and my Vision is clear.

Reinvesting Some Income Into My Business

I make quite a few sacrifices to be able to sustain my business' growth curve as well.

For example, I do not yet enjoy a full-time personal income from my business revenue. The profits that I have received so far have been:

1. Invested in one of my favourite community initiatives - children's education. So far, for 2022, we have supported a primary (junior) school with funds to improve its technology infrastructure.

2. Donated to Zafirah's School of Dance to fund a term's fees for a child who needs it.

3. Reinvested into my business to upgrade some of our tools and equipment.

My Old Laptop Is Hanging On

In 2021, I "donated" a new laptop to Zafirah to help her with her online studies and preparation for her exams.

This year, it was my turn!

My current laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series with a 15" display and an i3 Intel Core processor.

I cannot even remember when I bought it or how much I paid for it BUT, I have had it for YEARS!!!!

It has started to slow down a lot now and storage is running low. I have upgraded it twice and the Technician told me there were no more upgrades possible.

Finding a new battery, (I have to keep it plugged in), is proving to be difficult as well.

A Spunky New Laptop

My recent trip to Florida was a business trip and I used it as an opportunity to look for a new laptop.

It was around Memorial Day and I was able to catch a few sales and bargains. I stayed within my profit budget and was able to acquire this brand new gem of a laptop.

It is an HP Pavilion, 15", i5 Core Processor, Touch Screen with 8 GB RAM and a 512 GB Hard Drive. I know that i7 Processors are available as well but I chose this for the amazing price.

It will more than deliver everything that I need and more.

With the extra funds, I also purchased some accessories like a case and a wireless mouse.

There are some funds left and I will fill up my reinvestment profit bucket again and upgrade my cell phone before the end of the year.

These are 2 critical tools for my business.

Put Aside For Your Growth

I know it is easy to spend money as it comes in but, you have to start thinking like a business person from day 1.

Reinvest into your future and your sustainability. It will benefit you in the long term.

What about you?

How are you reinvesting in your business to change your script?


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Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your blog post, I hope that you are doing well

Congratulations on your purchase of a new laptop, a very wise move indeed! I agree it's important to have a computer that works smoothly and efficiently. It's also important to invest wisely in our online business.

Your new laptop is a similar specification to my old Dell laptop, I'm sure it will serve you well. I don't think in this day and age there is any need to wait for pages and various software programs to load. I'm glad that the days of Windows XP are well and truly over! How things change!

It sounds like your Dell Inspiron has served you well, which is great! I know a lady who used her Dell Inspiron laptop daily, I think she had it for about 12 years!

I recently purchased my wife a Dell Inspiron, she is really pleased with it. With the SSD the laptop starts up really quickly.

I have had my Dell Latitude for eight years, it still works perfectly, I did add an SSD drive about 18 months ago! That was definitely worth doing even though the old drive worked fine. My primary computer now is a Dell Precision with an Intel 9 processor and 64 GB of RAM. I haven't overloaded it yet!

Well done for helping out in various things, a great thing to do!

Wishing you every success with your new laptop.



I'm still grateful for my old Dell laptop, is just so nice to have something that works smoothly! As I mentioned in my comment, I remember the days of Windows XP, it was so painful! I'm glad computers have moved forward!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Oh yes, Roy!
Those Windows XP days were VERY painful.

Laptops are so fast and easy now.
Buy, plug in, connect to the internet and off you go!

Dell machines are great - very sturdy.
Let's see how my HP goes for me.

Wishing you an excellent weekend.

Many thanks.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your reply, Cassi, it's appreciated!

I can remember seeing comments on social media which said things like; "I'm going to throw my computer out the window soon" and "my computer has been acting up all day"! I'm so thankful but those days are over!

It was only just over eight years ago that I changed from Windows XP to Windows 7. I then upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 after a few years, thankfully that was painless!

That's so true, they are so much quicker to set up than they were a few years ago! I guess you could plug an extra monitor in if you wanted to Cassi? I believe I can with my laptop if I wanted to. I use three monitors on my desktop, they are so useful! However, when we go to Greece, it's great that I can just slide my laptop into my luggage. Laptops are great to use anywhere!

I'm sure your HP will be fine, I guess all the major brands are okay. My very first computer in 2001 was a Dell and I have just stuck with them ever since.

Many desktops and laptops allow you to put extra RAM and an SSD. Fortunately, it doesn't cost too much to add these extras and they can bring great benefits.

Wishing you a great Sunday.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I agree with you, Roy, a laptop is really easy to work with and take along with you.

Next year, I may invest in a desktop after refurbishing my home office.
A large monitor will be welcomed.

Just back home from a lovely Father's Day spent along our Northern Coastline.

Have a restful night.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

I remember there was a time when I said that I would never have another desktop as I found the laptop so versatile! However, I do find my desktop really useful, especially with the large monitors. Desktop computers are generally cheaper, so more power for less money!

That sounds like a great idea, Cassi, something to look forward to! I'm sure that you will reap the benefits.

That sounds like a great thing to do, it's good to respect our mothers and fathers.

Have a great week.

Dhind1 Premium Plus
I am very happy for you, Cassi. I know the feeling when you upgrade your laptop and things work better than they did before. It is a great feeling.

I have upgraded my current machine several years ago (I went to a solid-state hard drive - something I recommend for everyone), and once I did, it was a different machine. I will never go back to a disc drive in a laptop again. They are ok for backup but solid-state is definitely the way to go for an operating system.

This machine is ~8 years old but still works well.


CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Alex, I should have spoken with you before I made my purchase. 🤦‍♀️

I will definitely look into that.

This will come in very handy when travelling.
I plan to start moving around some more, now that our boders have eased.

Any particular brand I should look into?

Thanks for sharing.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Hi, Cassi,

Many manufacturers make solid-state drives. I believe the one I am using is a Samsung.

For perspective - the computer I am using is a Lenovo idea pad 700. It actually has an i7 chip inside. (one of the first generation i7 chips).
I was still working then so the cost was less of a consideration..... Today's i3 chips are much faster, but this machine still works well.

Before changing the spinning platter for the solid-state drive, it would take 1.5 minutes or so to boot up and 30 to 40 seconds to open pictures and/or Microsoft Word/Excel.

After the solid-state drive was installed boot time went to less than 20 seconds. Opening MS Word/Excel still only takes 3 seconds (I just checked).

Before doing it I would not have believed it. I was so used to MS Word/Excel taking 20 to 30 seconds to open I thought it was just the way it was. I now know that the soltware can open much faster.

There is nothing wrong with spinning hard drives, but I had no idea how much faster solid-state was until I saw it for myself.

Enjoy your new machine. When you are ready simply change out the existing hard drive for solid-state. Find a service that will clone your computer for you and put it onto the new solid-state drive. The computer will work just the same as it always did - just faster.

Use the old hard drive as backup storage (just buy a case for it).

phil1944 Premium
I did something similar, Cassi and used some online business income to purchase a new laptop before I went into hospital for hip surgery. I couldn't face the tsunami of emails that I'd have if I spent a week away from my computer!

I think reinvesting in tools is really important.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Reinvesting in tools and learning are my 2 top rankings, Phil.
They both have a high ROI, once we use them effectively.

Have a good day.
phil1944 Premium
Tax deductible too.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Cassi,

What goes around comes around. You will get tremendous satisfaction seeing your support for these worthy organizations come to fruition. Way to go.

I also liked your reinvestment in a new laptop story. I am at a point where my 2014 HP laptop is holding me back. When I change it I'm leaning towards a used MacBook Air that incorporates their super-fast M1 processor that stays cool. With a Windows emulator installed I will be able to use Windows programs when I need to.

Enjoy your new computer and turn it into gold.


CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Oh, WOW!!!!
That computer sounds awesome, Edwin!

I know Mac users say that it is the best but I have always used Windows.
On my bucket list, I have a Mac for my at-home studio for recording my podcasts and doing my videos. :-)
Give me a couple of years.

I love giving back and always make it a top priority with my earnings.
Life continues to be kind to us.

Thanks for sharing.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
You're most welcome Cassi.

west2000 Premium
That's a nice upgrade, Cassi...and how sweet to be able to use some proceeds to reinvest back into your business. I'll soon be needing to do the same, as I'm running with an old laptop as well.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Susan, it is a welcomed upgrade.

By the weekend, I will be finished with cleaning up this old one and transferring what I need to.
I am confident that you will be able to do the same as you continue to build your business.

Thank you.